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Enhanced DBS and the Update Service

September 1, 2020 James 0 Comments

As a carer, you will need to have an enhanced DBS check to work. The DBS update service stores your DBS outcome online and keeps is a service that we require from all of the carers working on the platform. However, it benefits you more than just allowing you to work with us. Enhanced DBS

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The Complete Guide to Granny Annexes

July 6, 2020 James 0 Comments

The granny annexe is becoming a hugely popular way to care for elderly parents as they age. In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions about Granny Annexes. What options you have, the benefits, the costs and the legalities. Keeping your elderly parents independent and safe with a Granny Annexe can be the solution to

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The Complete Guide To A Care Plan

June 29, 2020 James 0 Comments

What is a care plan? The care plan is a legal document outlining, in an accessible way, the services and support to be provided to the client/patient.  It states what the aims and objectives are, how to treat each issue the patient has, as well as who is doing what, where and when. It will

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A guide to elderly nutrition, how to adapt diets and how to meal plan

June 15, 2020 James 0 Comments

As we age our nutritional requirements can change. It’s common for older people to begin to eat less or change their meal patterns. In this article, we’ll discuss how changes in patterns can be warning signs for other issues, how getting older can present challenges to diets and how you can achieve healthy elderly nutrition

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Cost of Care – The Complete Guide to Paying and Funding Your Care

June 12, 2020 James 0 Comments

Everyone wants to remain at home as they grow, hopefully, gracefully old. As long as this is medically advisable, there is no reason you or your loved one shouldn’t be able to. Budgeting for and financing the costs of home care can be challenging and one of the biggest concerns people have when considering a

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The Complete Guide to Live-in Carers for Care Seekers.

June 3, 2020 James 0 Comments

If you’ve not heard of live-in care before or are considering hiring a live-in carer this guide should help you decide if it’s right for you and answer any questions you might have about it. We’ll cover how it works, your responsibilities, the costs, how to finance it, the three ways to find a care

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Horses have been shown to ease symptoms of Alzheimer’s

June 2, 2020 James 0 Comments

In addition to memory loss, people with Alzheimer’s often experience personality changes. They can become depressed, withdrawn and even aggressive. In recent years, researchers have been keen to find new ways to help ease these symptoms. Some researchers have determined that spending time with horses can help ease symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia and that interactions

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How to find Granny Annexes for sale with Rightmove

June 1, 2020 James 0 Comments

A Granny Annexe, Granny Flat, or Granny Cottage is a self-contained accommodation built within, attached to, or on the grounds of a house that is suitable for an elderly person to live in. Lots of people want them but it’s not always easy to find houses for sale with one already built. In this article,

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37 activities for dementia patients you should try with your loved one today

May 29, 2020 James 0 Comments

Activities for dementia patients can be a struggle to find and when we care about someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s we want to make sure they continue to feel stimulated and happy. To help, we’ve selected a list of activities for dementia patients that research shows can be beneficial for those suffering from the condition.

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Coronavirus Testing

May 21, 2020 James 0 Comments

Coronavirus testing is limited across the world, and the government are doing what they can to make the testing available to everyone. To get tested is not a long or costly task, but you will need to book in advance. Below we have answered some simple questions as well as given detailed instructions as to

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