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Help and FAQ

Using the site

Start by searching for a carer with your address or postcode and browse through the local carers in your area. You can view their full profiles, including skills, experiences, spoken languages and hourly rates.

On each profile there is a ‘request consultation’ button which will notify the carer that you would like a no obligation discussion about your requirements. The carer will then message you back. We recommend that you contact up to 6 carers for a discussion as some of them may not have enough available capacity to help you.

You can put as much or as little information about the needs of the patient in the form as you wish – the information is only shared with the carers you book visits with.

Once you have decided which carer you think you would like to work with, use the PrimeCarers website to book your free introductory visit. This helps you and the carer decide if you are right for each other.

We ask the carers to provide reports on visits so you know what’s been achieved. Review your report with your family and decide if you want to continue with the carer. You can also provide feedback.

Once you have agreed what care you need book your future visits through the PrimeCarers website.
It’s tailored – We give you more choice by giving you access to local professional independent carers signed up with us. Unlike traditional care agencies who may use a number of different carers to provide your care, PrimeCarers offers you the opportunity to buy the care you need directly from the carer you choose. This means that you get the opportunity to build a real relationship with the carer without the complications of becoming an employer.

Independent carers are invested in their relationship with you. With you as their client, carers work their hardest to make sure you’re happy with the care you’re receiving.
It’s fairer - You pay the hourly rate stated by the carer and they receive more of the money you pay (some care agencies take almost 60% of the hourly fee they charge to their clients). Because we have much lower overheads we only take a small commission fee from the carer, so the price you see is the price you pay.

It’s professional - We find the best carers in your area, check their qualifications and run a DBS (Disclosure & Baring Service) check to make sure that they are safe to care for vulnerable people. We then interview them and insure them.

It’s easy – The PrimeCarers platform handles the rest; scheduling, contracting and payments, and insurance. PrimeCarers also provides chat, reporting and care planning facilities so you can easily communicate with your carers and your wider family or even your GP.
To reset your password you will need to go to the login page and click forgotten password reset password here and enter your email address, you will then receive a link to reset and create your new password.
Each introductory visit you book with any carer is free. This helps both you and the carer to decide if you are happy to work together and helps them to understand your care needs.

To book your first and ongoing visits, you will need to log in to your account and select ‘book visit’. You will be directed to a form to fill out and book the visit. Your visit will need to be accepted by the carer.

If a carer does not accept the visit, this will mean that our safeguarding and insurance process will not be activated for both parties. Therefore we recommend ensuring visits are booked and accepted through
You will never be charged for your introductory visit with a potential new carer.

Having a valid credit or debit card helps us to ensure the safety of our carers. You are assured that we have confirmed our carers identity, and so we make sure that we only send carers for an initial visit to a property when we are able to trace who made the booking.

We think it’s fairer that way.
Yes, for a number of reasons:
  • Booking a carer through the site means that your carer and visit is insured. Only carers labelled Home Assistants are not insured. If you needed to claim for a visit that was not booked through the PrimeCarers website then our insurance policy would not review your claim.
  • In the event of a complaint PrimeCarers would not investigate or mediate.
  • Should you want a refund PrimeCarers would not be able to refund your money.

Using the PrimeCarers website for booking makes sense – it keeps you and your carer safe, it helps your carers track their visits and earnings and also helps them to keep your care plan and visit log up to date.
Only when a carer has accepted a visit, is the visit confirmed. Until is the visit is accepted a carer may not attend the visit.

After logging in, you will find a calendar icon on your homepage. On the calendar are your various visits. Each visit could potentially have a coloured status being green, amber and red.

Each colour on the calendar indicates the following;
  • Green: accepted and confirmed by the carer.
  • Amber: Unaccepted and needs to be confirmed by the carer.
  • Red: Cancelled. Either you or the carer has cancelled the visit.

Carers are required to accept all visits prior to attending them.
Once a visit has been created and booked, it cannot be changed or edited. You will need to cancel the original visit and then book a new visit with the updated or correct details. The carer will be notified of the cancellation and the new booking.
The PrimeCarers care plan is the heart of your care. It is our platform that ties together both the information about your requirements, with who is doing what, when and where. You can use it to manage your carers, and the care they provide to you or your loved one.
Carers set their own hourly rates, so the cost is made clear to you upfront, on the search results and on the carer profile. There are no additional charges for mileage.

You pay the hourly rate set by the carer and do not pay any extra for using the PrimeCarers website. To pay for our services, we take a small percentage of the hourly rate on an ongoing basis. Because PrimeCarers offers an online platform that makes managing, communicating, booking and paying for care easier and more efficient, we take a much smaller fee than traditional agencies who can take up to 60% of a carers hourly rate.


You can use either your Debit or Credit card to pay directly through our platform. When you book a first visit you will be asked to enter your card details and these will be saved securely for future visits by Stripe.

We have chosen Stripe as our secure, encrypted, PCI compliant and easy to use payment solution. All payments are handled through Stripe on the PrimeCarers platform and can be made using a Debit or Credit Card. Stripe will process your personal financial data through their secure and encrypted service. PrimeCarers does not see this sensitive data. Payment goes directly to the carers, minus PrimeCarers commission.
Stripe is the secure payment platform that we use to handle payments on PrimeCarers. They are used by over 10,000 companies including Oxfam, British Heart Foundation and Unicef so you can be sure that your details are in safe hands. You can learn more at Stripe. Stripe requires your card details to be entered when booking your first visit but your first visit is still free and only an introductory visit.
We ask for your payment details before you book your free introductory visit but you will not be charged – this is simply so we have a validated reference of who requested the visit and is an important part of our safeguarding policy.
In the unlikely event that you wanted to, contesting a payment is simple. You need only contact us within the 24hr window and we will stop the payment. We will then discuss the issues with you and the carer and take a view of what is fair to both parties. If the payment has already executed, we can refund you.

About carers

Yes the Carers are self-employed, contracted to work with you, your relationship is directly with the carer.

This means that you can talk to them about what they do, the service they provide and even pricing. When issues arise, you must speak with them first to sort it out. PrimeCarers can offer support in the events that cannot be solved directly. As a client you are not an employer, you do not need to pay taxes or ensure that they do, this is entirely the carers responsibility.
When your carer has a planned holiday, you will need to find cover. Search with PrimeCarers to find an alternative carer or the carer may have their own suggestions. When your original planned carer cannot make it to work, for whatever reason, our cancellation policy kicks in. They will not be paid and you will need cover. Search on PrimeCarers and book another carer, if it isn't possible and failing this you can call PrimeCarers on 0203 369 3624 and we will do our best to help you find a carer to cover the shift.
If you cancel within 48 hours of the visit start time, under our cancellation policy, we believe that it is only fair that the carer is still paid.

However, if you cancel prior to that, there will be no charge. Simply contact your carer to make the cancellation.
We have a strict application process with multiple steps and checks to make sure only the best carers appear on our platform.

We have an online application and we screen for the right qualifications and experience. We interview for the most important factor - would we want this carer caring for us or our loved ones?
Yes, you can. We strongly recommend that you check their ID, references and qualifications yourself, so you can be sure that you are employing a carer that is right for you.
Yes, the majority of carers on the website have public liability insurance when they visit you, which pays out in the event that there is damage to any person or property.

Only carers labelled Home Assistants are not insured.
It is. We made it simple to search for carers that meet your requirements. Here are a few steps to changing your carer through our platform:
  • Search with the postcode for a new carer.
  • Request a new carer of your choice.
  • Message this carer to find out if they are available and willing to work with you.
  • Notify your current carer through messaging that you no longer require their services.
  • Cancel any visits with your current carer.
  • You may want to leave feedback for the carer.
  • Book in new visits with your new carer of choice.


Safety is our top priority. See our safeguarding policy here>
DBS stands for Disclosure and Baring Service and is a service set by the UK Government. It was established in 2012 and carries out the functions previously undertaken by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA. They help us by checking and preventing unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including elderly and children.


The carer works for you so initially you should always try to solve any issues directly with them. However, we will always mediate if there is an issue that is not easily rectified. If you have a problem with your carer that you’ve not been able to resolve, then get in contact with PrimeCarers and we will discuss the problem with both you and the carer and help you to find a solution.