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Ana R

Qualified carer

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Care Provided: Day

Languages: English Portuguese

Age: 50+

Years Experience: 10


Hello, my name is Ana and I have been a caregiver for almost 10 years. I am a qualified carer who is passionate about providing care and making a difference in the lives of clients who want to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes. As a caring individual seeing my clients happy gives me great pleasure and job satisfaction. I have ample experience as a live-in carer, supporting clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease as well as confusion, other conditions and general reduced mobility.
I aim to assist my clients by creating care plans, assessing and evaluating individual needs and medical condition, maintaining track of medication schedules, conducting light exercise and escorting clients to external planned activities, as well as meal preparation according to meal plans.
I offer physical support to low mobility clients and emotional support to any client by listening, engaging with them and implementing activities to maintain them motivated, uplifted, stable and happy, such as movie nights, game challenges, storytelling, arts and crafts and ensuring they maintain contact with family and friends. I understand the importance of dignity and ensuring clients feel their dignity is never compromised is extremely important to me as a carer.
In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends, talking long walks in the countryside as well as cooking and baking. I love to smile and I laugh , even in difficult situations, so appreciate the sense of humor.
I am primarily looking for a day role but I am also happy to do any live in covers for up to a month maximum at a time. Nonetheless, please always feel free to contact me if the role is more complex as I will try to accommodate your needs.
Much appreciated .
Thank you for reading!


Skills - I have been trained with the following skills

Sign language Supporting Children Supporting Young Adults Bathing Toileting Assistance with Dressing Wound Dressing Catheter Care Companionship Cooking Laundry Cleaning Administrative Tasks Hoist Assistance Moving and Handling Medication Reminders Eating and Drinking Assistance

Experience - I have worked with these issues in the past

Mild Cognitive Impairment Bedbound Parkinson's Disease Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent) Type 2 Diabetes (Non Insulin Dependent) Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Spinal Injury Multiple Sclerosis Paraplegia Bipolar Heart Disease Stroke Post Operative Orthopaedic Injuries / Broken Bones Cancer Respiratory Illness (COPD, Asthma, etc.) Urinary Disorder (UTI, Incontinence, etc.) Poor or Declining Mobility Dementia (Alzheimer, Vascular, etc.) Deafness Visual Impairment Physical Disability End Of Life Care ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)


I get to work by: Public transport

Can I Drive Patients? I have a license but no car

Event Chaperoning: Yes, Only in the UK

Holiday Chaperoning: Yes, Only in the UK


Hobbies - I have an interest in these activities and like to talk about them.




Card Games










Board Games


Watching TV







Cooking & Baking


Pet Preferences - I am happy to look after these sorts of pets alongside a patient.








Hourly Care

1-6 Hour Visit


6+ Hour Visit



4.9 / 5

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Julia -

External Reference

Reviewed on 8th November 2022

I have known Ana Rodrigues for over 30 years. Until she became a full-time carer with Connie she worked for me as a housekeeper - a job she did extremely well. Ana has a lively and cheerful personality. She approaches all she does in a positive and generous spirit. She is energetic. And she has a good sense of humour. When she worked for me she was able to turn her hand to many different tasks, including cooking. She was always reliable and she is not afraid of taking responsibility. I was sorry when she decided to become a carer and we have kept in contact. I often visited the house where she lived as a carer and admired the way she looked after Connie. She never talked down to her. Connie's dementia initially improved because of the stimulation and activities that Ana devised for her, including introducing her to two young grandchildren. The home she organised for Connie felt familial. During two years of Covid Ana went beyond the call of duty and worked with little respite without complaint or reward. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. Julia Tugendhat

Ruth -

External Reference

Reviewed on 9th November 2022

I have known Ana personally and been her employer for over 4 years. She has worked full time as a live in carer for my aunt who has late onset Alzheimer’s Ana is a very hard working, caring person who is very intuitive and brings out the best in whoever she is caring for. She has very good organisational skills and can manage a full program of activities for She has an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm and is always positive and upbeat. She can cope with a number of different behaviours and uses tact and wit to bring a person who is sad or angry around so that their mood is calm and happy My aunt was initially a very anxious person under Anas management she has become a calm loving and extremely happy person She was extremely flexible with regards to hrs worked and nothing was too much trouble. She also is bilingual and can speak fluent English and Portuguese.

Anita -

External Reference

Reviewed on 1st December 2022

This carer is one of the most experienced that looks after my wife , for 2 weeks .She is extremely reliable, always on time and is prepared to extend her visit to ensure all necessary care has been completed. I believe she goes "that extra mile" to ensure she is happy and safe and comfortable. She is the most caring person. Whom I fully trust .

Irma -

External Reference

Reviewed on 2nd December 2022

It was great to have someone who just knows what to do, and gets on with it. She uses her initiative and her experience on paper matches her ability. I would highly recommend her. She’s honest, caring ,polite , hardworking individual that I I’ll gladly hire again .

Vanessa -

External Reference

Reviewed on 11th November 2022

Ana worked for our family for 15 years as a personal assistant. She is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. She is a gentle soul with a responsible and very caring nature. She truly believes and respects each and every person’s worth and is always kind and respectful. Her patience in unending and that has been clearly demonstrated over the years in our household, especially with our young children and my elderly mother who suffered with dementia. The last 3 years of Ana's employment with our family was largely dedicated to the personal care of my elderly mother who suffered with dementia. She aided my mother with self hygiene and toileting, mobility, attending activities and medical appointments, cooking and cleaning, preparing medication and monitoring times as well as simple companionship. She was always an excellent listener and motivated my mother to partake in activities that stimulated her both physically as well as mentally. There were many difficult days as my mother's dementia deteriorated but Ana remained patient and understanding, with a constant cheer and smile on her face. I know Ana is an excellent carer and would not hesitate to place her in the care of another person. She transpires so much positive energy and has a very funny sense of humour. My mother absolutely adored her, as do all of us in my family. She is an asset to any employer and we were truly saddened to loose her. Despite this, she is a natural caregiver who enjoys caring for others and I am certain her next role as a carer will bring her as much fulfilment and happiness as she will bring to the life of any person she cares for.

James -

External Reference

Reviewed on 17th November 2022

Ana Rodrigues worked for our family from 2013 to 2017 on a 2 day week basis as our housekeeper. During that time she was relentlessly hard working, managing her work with very little direction and covering all aspects of housekeeping from laundry to cleaning, rotating between regular everyday cleaning and tidying to managing deep cleaning of carpets and soft furnishing. She also frequently provided care and supervision for our then 3 young children. Ana was always reliable, punctual, kind and thoughtful. She brought initiative and intelligence to all tasks she undertook and discharged all her duties responsibly and thoughtfully. She was originally employed by my parents and then by myself once I had my own family.

Tucha -

External Reference

Reviewed on 8th December 2022

Ana looked after me on three occasions following surgical procedures. I could not have chosen better. She is a delightful, kind and intelligent lady and it was a pleasure to have her with me. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Sarah P -

Reviewed on 3rd January 2023

Ana R recently joined the team of carers who are looking after my mother who is in late stage Alzheimer's. We are so pleased that she is working for us: she is a great carer, combining professionalism with a truely caring and affectionate approach to my mother. This is not easy with a person who is non-verbal and non-responsive, but it is plain to see that under Ana's care my mother is as happy and comfortable as possible in the circumstances. Her duties include all personal care, administering medication, turning Mum, looking after her very fragile skin including avoiding bedsores and turning. She also cooks Mum's meals and feeds her as well as making sure her fluid intake is adequate. Apart from the physical side of care she reads to Mum and keeps her company, holding her hand and communicating through touch. She is endlessly cheerful. Ana is a good communicator, both with the family and with the other carers in the team. Aside from looking after Mum, the house is spotless and she has taken on board the admin duties with no problem (shopping list, daily log, updates on WhatsApp group). Highly recommended.

Amie -

External Reference

Reviewed on 13th March 2023

Ana is one in a million, she really is one of a kind and has the best bubbly personality. She helped me after an operation and did it in such a caring, thoughtful way. She is responsive, intelligent, and very helpful. You cannot go wrong here. 10/10.

Catalina B -

Reviewed on 14th March 2023

What can I say about Ana, I knew she was a fit the moment she walked through the front door. The practical side of her abilities is a given, she's excellent at her job, she's very smart and most importantly emotionally intelligent, she instinctively knows how to relate to my mother, manages to coax her into doing things that I am unable to get her to do at all! They laugh together, which is a huge bonus and a delight to see. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Finding the right carer for a loved one is never easy, it's complex and individual to each persons needs, I have struggled to find the right person more often than not, finally I've found the right person, I couldn't be happier for my mother( and me...)!

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