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How We Find the Best Carers Near You

We believe we've found the best carers in the industry but don’t take our word for it. We’ve put together this page to show our vetting process with transparent live statistics about the average carer on our platform. All the carers on our website are background checked and interviewed by us.

If you have further questions about our carer vetting process, you can call our team on 0203 369 3624.

A short video introducing PrimeCarers

Carer Demographics

Years Experience

Most of the carers on PrimeCarers are veterans of the industry and have been working for years. This is demonstrated by the average number of years experience.

11.31 Years


Most of the carers on the platform are middle aged and have to come to caring as a vocation following a previous career. This makes them interesting and compassionate people.

45 Years

Average Rating

Our client feedback system is how we evaluate carers going forwards. Our average client rating shows how well reviewed all the carers have been by clients out of 5.

4.65 Stars

PrimeCarers carers are the best

Carer Specialist Skills

Languages Spoken

We have carers from many different brackgrounds so if you're looking for someone that speaks your language then we probably have someone for you.


Top Specialist Skills

Some of the best carers on theplatform have completed training to help you with specialist skills, beyond the basic skills of companionship, personal care, bathing, toileting and using hoists etc.

Catheter Care


Colostomy Care


PEG Feeding


Wound Dressing


Ventilator Care


Our Checking Process

Full ID Check

A Full ID check including right to work in the UK. We use a government approved service called Yoti to verify carer ID applications online.

Enhanced DBS Certificate

We ask that all our carers have an enhanced DBS certificate on the update service. We regularly check carers certificates against the update service for any new items.

Professional Interview

We interview all our carers to test their technical knowledge and to evaluate their compassion and mannerisms.

If you would like to know more, please give the team a call on 0203 369 3624