Carer Supported Holidays: The Essential Guide for 2024

James Bowdler

15 September, 2023

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Carer Supported Holidays refer to any holiday where you take a carer with you, or the holiday package includes care as part of the package. It can be a wonderful opportunity for those under care to experience the rejuvenating effects of a change of environment and leisure activities whilst ensuring their care needs are met.

Benefits of Carer-Supported Holidays

Carer-supported holidays can provide health and well-being benefits for the person under care and their caregiver. It allows individuals to experience new surroundings and activities and meet new people, stimulating mental and emotional well-being. Taking a break also gives carers a much-needed respite, mitigating chances of burnout.

Your Most Asked Questions Answered

Our comprehensive guide will address individuals’ common questions about Carer Supported Holidays.

Can You Take A Carer On Holiday With You?

The short answer is yes. The long answer involves several factors you’ll need to consider, such as cost, ease of travel, and the individual needs of the person being cared for. Read more about it here.

Where Can I Go On Holiday As A Disabled Person?

The world is opening up to disabled travellers like never before. Both travel companies and destinations are recognising the need to cater to disabled tourists. This is resulting in a significant increase in accessible holiday options. Find out great holiday destination options for persons with disabilities here.

What Are The Best Holiday Destinations For Elderly People?

Senior-friendly travel destinations are becoming increasingly popular. Many places offer not only accessible facilities but also experiences tailored to older audiences. Explore potential holiday destinations for elderly people here.

Where Can I Take An Old Person On Holiday In The UK?

The UK is filled with lovely, accessible, and senior-friendly locations. From the Cotswolds’ historic villages to Cornwall’s beautiful coastline, there’s something for everyone. Discover more of these destinations here.

Special Considerations

Certain conditions like dementia may necessitate extra planning and care when planning a holiday.

Should People With Dementia Go On Holidays?

With careful planning and the right support, holidays can be positive and enjoyable experiences for people with dementia and their families. We discuss this topic here.

Where Can We Go For Dementia-Friendly Holidays?

Many providers offer holiday options specifically tailored for individuals with dementia and their carers. These range from relaxed and secure hotel stays to holiday homes with dementia-friendly features. Find out more about dementia-friendly holidays here.

Should A Person With Dementia Go On A Cruise?

While each person’s experience with dementia is different, some people with dementia have found the structured and secure environment of a cruise ship to be a very suitable holiday option. Explore this option further here.


Carer-supported holidays offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals requiring care and their carers to escape the routine and rejuvenate themselves. There are many options, whether a trip within the UK or an overseas adventure. And with the continued development of services focusing on accessibility and dementia-friendly options, more and more doors are opening. Don’t let care requirements stop you from adventuring; let them guide you to the perfect, care-accommodated holiday.

Remember to explore all our linked resources to understand each aspect of Carer Supported Holidays. Good planning is key to a successful and memorable holiday experience, and we at PrimeCarers are here to help ensure that your carer-supported holiday in 2024 is a resounding success.

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