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Who we are looking for?

Carers with an enhanced DBS, ideally on the update service.

Experienced carers with at least 1 year of professional caring experience.

Kind, positive people that are in this buisness to help others.

How to join us

Step 1. Register with us

Our sign up form will take up to 10 minutes to complete

Step 2. Confirm your ID

We will just need some identification documents to confirm you.

Step 3. Online Interview

A short 20 minute interview to confirm you are the type of person we are looking for then you are off to getting your own clients.

Why work with us?

Earn More In Your Own Time

At PrimeCarers, you work flexible hours while choosing your own clients and setting your own rate. With us as your alternative to care agencies, you get to take control of your own career.

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Earn What You Deserve

With our flexible alternative to care agencies, you'll be able to set your own prices and make the most of your worth.

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Work on Your Own Time

Create the perfect work/life balance and make the switch to private work at your own pace.

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Choose Your Own Clients

Choose the clients you want to work with and maximize your enjoyment and success in your work!

We believe in a better model of care

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About Us

Who are we?

A few years ago my family were looking for care for my grandfather. We tried agencies, but we found that they just sent over the carer that suited them. This led to a stream of poor carers and when we did find a carer that we liked, they swapped her out for someone new because of scheduling reasons. I started PrimeCarers to make it easy and safe for people like you to find and work with fantastic independent carers without all the hassle and risk that we faced

James Bowdler - Founder

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James Bowdler


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Head of Carer Relations

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Client Support

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Client Support

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Caris Smith

Client Support

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Head of Development

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Full-Stack Developer

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Ricky Oswald

Backend Developer

Guide for Private Carers

Discover the many benefits of private caregiving and find out if it's the perfect career for you with our comprehensive carer guides!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

At PrimeCarers, we provide a platform for private carers like you to connect with clients who need your services. We help you create a profile that showcases your skills, experience, and expertise. Once your profile is live on our website, we actively promote it to potential clients looking for care services in their area.

As a carer on PrimeCarers, you can chat with clients via our platform or over the phone to discuss their care needs and how you can help. We handle all the administrative tasks such as booking, invoicing, and payments, allowing you to focus on what you do best - providing quality care to your clients.

We take a commission from your earnings, which you add on top of your desired take-home pay. Our commission includes the cost of marketing your profile, promoting your services, and providing support to you and your clients throughout your engagement.

Joining PrimeCarers is easy. As long as you have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to provide care, you can create a profile on our platform and start connecting with potential clients. You can also continue to work independently or for other agencies while using our platform.

At PrimeCarers, we pride ourselves on providing a platform that offers flexibility, autonomy, and control to private carers like you. With our platform, you can showcase your skills and expertise, attract clients, and build a successful care business.

PrimeCarers provides several benefits to carers, including access to a large pool of clients, flexible working hours, the ability to set their own rates, and the opportunity to work independently without the need for a traditional care agency. In addition, we handle the payments, contracting admin, and insurance so that carers can focus on finding clients and delivering care. PrimeCarers also offers ongoing support, training, and resources to help carers provide high-quality care to their clients.

PrimeCarers is committed to supporting you in building a successful career in caregiving. We offer a comprehensive platform that not only helps you connect with potential clients but also streamlines your administrative tasks. Our platform takes care of contracting, payments, insurance, and other administrative duties, allowing you to focus on what matters most - providing top-quality care to your patients. With PrimeCarers, you can build meaningful relationships with clients and provide them with the support they need, while we handle the rest.

When working independently as a carer, you may also face difficulties in receiving payments from clients, which can be frustrating and time-consuming to deal with. PrimeCarers eliminates this issue by handling all payments on your behalf, ensuring that you get paid promptly for your services. Additionally, working with PrimeCarers provides you with access to ongoing support, advice, and resources to help you succeed in your career as a carer.

PrimeCarers offers several advantages over working for a traditional care agency. As a carer, you can set your own rates and work with the clients of your choice, which often results in higher pay. Additionally, you have more control over your work schedule and can manage it to fit your lifestyle. PrimeCarers also provides support and resources to help you deliver quality care, making it an excellent option for those looking for greater flexibility and independence in their work.

Private or independent carers are individuals who provide home care services directly to clients without the involvement of a traditional care agency. They often have more flexibility and control over their work schedules and rates, but also bear more responsibility as they cannot simply decide not to turn up for work. Additionally, private carers are typically more experienced in their field as they are responsible for finding and securing their own clients.

To become a private or independent carer, anyone with enough experience and client management skills can start providing high-quality care to clients. It is important to have the ability to manage your own schedule, find clients, and handle administrative tasks such as invoicing and payments. You may also need to have relevant certifications or qualifications depending on the specific care services you offer.

To join PrimeCarers, you need to have at least one year of paid domiciliary care experience, although we generally prefer carers with more experience. You also need to have a recent (less than 12 months old) DBS check, as well as the necessary legal documents to work in the UK. We also require references from previous clients or employers. Additionally, we look for carers who are passionate about providing high-quality care, are responsible and able to manage their clients, reliable and punctual, and have excellent communication skills.

Yes, you can continue to do other work whilst working via PrimeCarers. As a carer, you have the flexibility to choose when and how often you work, allowing you to balance your work with other commitments.

PrimeCarers is an online platform that connects carers with clients who need care services. As a carer, you can create a profile highlighting your experience and qualifications, and then apply for jobs that match your skills and availability. Once you have been hired by a client, you will be able to communicate with them directly and arrange your schedule and duties through the platform.


To get started, simply sign up on our signup page.

To find care, care worker, or personal assistant jobs on PrimeCarers, there are two main ways. Firstly, you can create a profile on the platform and start browsing the available job postings that match your skills and location. You can filter by criteria such as job type, location, and pay rate to find relevant opportunities. Additionally, clients can invite you to apply to their job postings if they feel you are a good fit for their needs. Secondly, you can set up job alerts that notify you when new jobs become available that match your preferences. This way, you can be among the first to apply to new job postings and increase your chances of securing the job you want.

PrimeCarers covers all areas of the UK for job opportunities. You can search for jobs in your local area or in other regions depending on your availability and preferences.

Yes, as a carer, you can choose which clients to work with on PrimeCarers. You can browse available jobs and apply to those that match your skills and preferences. Once you have been hired by a client, you can decide whether or not to accept the job offer.

Yes, you can work with multiple clients at the same time on PrimeCarers, depending on your availability and the requirements of each job. You can manage your schedule and duties through the platform to ensure that you are able to provide high-quality care to all of your clients.

As a carer on PrimeCarers, you may be wondering if you can subcontract work to colleagues or friends. The answer is that it is possible, but only with the approval of the client. It's important to note that PrimeCarers prefers that you don't subcontract work, as it can affect the quality and consistency of care that clients receive.

If a client agrees to you subcontracting work, you must still book all visits through the PrimeCarers platform, and the subcontractor must also be registered with PrimeCarers. Additionally, you will need to pay the subcontractor directly from the payment you receive for the visit through the platform.

Remember that the priority should always be providing the best possible care to clients and ensuring that they are satisfied with the service they receive.

If there are no available jobs in your area on PrimeCarers, you will be notified when new jobs become available. You can also regularly check the platform for new postings, or expand your search to include other regions or types of care work.

To ensure high-quality services for both carers and clients, PrimeCarers charges a commission fee based on the type of care work provided. For live-in care work, PrimeCarers takes a 12.5% commission fee. For visits of 6 hours or longer, the commission fee is 15%, and for visits under 6 hours long, the commission fee is 20%. It's important to note that these commission fees are taken from the amount paid to the carer, not from the client. This means that carers receive their desired pay and PrimeCarers takes a commission from that amount. It's worth noting that our commission fees are significantly lower than our closest competitor, who charges both clients and carers commission fees.

As a carer on PrimeCarers, you have the freedom to set your own rates based on your experience, skills, and the type of care you provide. This means that the pay rate for carers on PrimeCarers varies depending on the individual carer and the type of care they offer. You can adjust your rates at any time through your profile settings. It's important to note that PrimeCarers takes a commission on top of the rate you set, which varies depending on the type of care. However, rest assured that our commission rates are highly competitive compared to other platforms, and we're committed to ensuring that you're paid fairly for your services.

At PrimeCarers, the pay rate for carers varies depending on the type of care and location. However, it's important to note that the actual rate is ultimately decided through a negotiation process between you and the client. This means that you have the opportunity to set your own rate based on your experience and qualifications, and the client can choose to accept or negotiate your proposed rate. Keep in mind that we provide guidance on appropriate rates based on industry standards to help facilitate this process. We want you to feel empowered to negotiate the fairest rate for your services, so that you and your client are happy in the long run.

If you would like to go off-platform with your client, you have the right to do so, so long as the client pay the off platforming fee. This fee covers the full cost of getting you the role and helping them to find you, and ensures that we can continue to provide our services to other clients.

Failure to comply with this requirement will result in large fines, on you and your client, which will be enforced through the courts. To prevent unauthorized off-platforming, we use a variety of legal methods, including:
- Test accounts that identify possible circumvention
- Paying clients to collect evidence about attempted circumvention
- Employing private investigators when we suspect circumvention
- Using an increasingly sophisticated set of online tracking and investigation tools

We take off-platforming very seriously and encourage you to contact our support team at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help you find the best possible care and ensure that your experience with PrimeCarers is a positive one.

Yes, carers on PrimeCarers need to pay their taxes, including National Insurance contributions. As self-employed contractors, carers are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions. For more information on how to register as self-employed and pay your taxes, you can visit the UK government's official website on self-employment:

To learn more about the benefits of self-employment, you can visit the official website of the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE): And for further information on National Insurance and how it works, you can visit the UK government's official website on National Insurance:

If you have any issues with your payment or concerns about getting paid on PrimeCarers, we are here to support you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll work with you to resolve any payment-related issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It's important to note that discussing payment issues with your client may not always lead to a positive outcome. In fact, we have found that talking to clients about payments almost exclusively results in the carer being let go. As a private carer, it may seem like your responsibility to handle these conversations, but with PrimeCarers, it doesn't have to be. This leads to a massive step up in your job security. Leave it to us to ensure that your legal rights are upheld and that you are paid fairly for your work. We only get paid when you get paid, so by fighting your corner, we'll be fighting our corner as well.

If you have any concerns or questions about payments, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll do our best to assist you.

At PrimeCarers, we want to make sure that you are paid fairly for the important work that you do. Once you have completed a shift, we will automatically generate an invoice for the hours that you have worked, minus our commission. For live-in care, our commission is 12.5%, which means that if you charge the average day rate of £140.00, you will take home £122.50 per day.

We understand that getting paid on time is important to you, which is why we process payments automatically on a weekly basis. This means that you can expect to receive your payment within a week of completing a shift. If you have any questions or concerns about your payments, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you every step of the way.

At PrimeCarers, we understand that receiving your pay promptly is crucial. That's why we have a streamlined payment system in place that ensures you get paid on a weekly basis, with a one-week delay. So, if you work in a given week, you'll be paid for those hours a week later. This means you can count on a regular and consistent income that you can rely on to meet your financial needs. If you have any further questions or concerns about payment timing or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team, who are always here to help.

When it comes to travel expenses, for hourly and overnight work, you are responsible for covering your own travel costs. However, if a client is located too far away, you may consider charging them a slightly higher rate to ensure that your travel expenses are covered. Just inform us, and we can help you make that adjustment.

For live-in care, it varies depending on the client. It's best to ask your client if they are willing to cover your travel costs. As a general rule, we recommend not charging for travel if it takes less than 2 hours to get to the client's location. After that, you can discuss with the client whether they can pay for one or both ways of travel.

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