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Retire Your Agency Career. Become a Private Carer.

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Why you should join us

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Earn what you deserve

We offer a flexible alternative to agency care. As a private home carer, you can set your own prices and earn what you're worth.

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Work on your own time

We provide all the training and support you need to become a private home carer. You can work around your existing job, or transition to private work as you wish.

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Choose your own clients

Instead of following a fixed timetable, you get to build a relationship with your clients and follow their needs.

Who we are looking for?

  • Carers with an enhanced DBS on the update service.
  • Experienced carers with at least 1 year of professional caring experience.
  • Kind, positive people that are in this buisness to help others.

How to join us

  • Step 1. Register with us
    Our sign up form will take up to 10 minutes to complete
  • Step 2. Confirm your ID
    We will just need some identification documents to confirm you.
  • Step 3. Phone Interview
    A short 20 minute interview to confirm you are the type of person we are looking for then you are off to getting your own clients.

We believe in a better model of care

Who are we?

Image of PrimeCarers Founder James Bowdler

James Bowdler


A few years ago my family were looking for care for my grandfather. We tried agencies, but we found that they just sent over the carer that suited them. This lead to a stream of poor carers and when we did find a carer that we liked, they swapped her out for someone new because of scheduling reasons. I started PrimeCarers to make it easy and safe for people like you to find and work with fantastic independent carers without all the hassle and risk that we faced.

Image of PrimeCarers Client-Carer relations Annette Chirvall

Annette Chirvall

Head of Carer Relations

Image of PrimeCarers Senior Developer Stewart Webb

Stewart Webb

Head of Development

Image of PrimeCarers Marketing Bailey Summers

Bailey Summers

Head of Marketing

Image of PrimeCarers Client-Carer relations Caris Smith

Caris Smith

Head of Client Relations

Image of PrimeCarers Apprentice Developer Kenan Mehmet

Kenan Mehmet

Senior Tech Support

Image of PrimeCarers Web Developer Ricky Oswald

Ricky Oswald

Head of Backend operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Working independently can often feel a little daunting. With this in mind, we have put together a list of resources and frequently asked questions to help give you the information you need.

Is this a job?

No, PrimeCarers is not a typical care agency and we don’t offer full-time jobs. We’re an introductory service that advertises you to potential clients and helps you find private care work. When a client is interested in hiring you they will contact you through the platform and you’ll need to chat with them about how you can help. Once you’ve both agreed to work together, the client will book in visits through PrimeCarers and we will handle invoicing the client on your behalf.

How much experience do I need to have?

We’re looking for carers with at least 1 years professional caring experience. When you work as a self-employed private carer you’ll not only have to be a competent carer, you’ll also be taking on additional responsibilities to keep your client happy, like keeping their family members updated and ensuring holiday cover is organised.

How much work will I get?

We can’t guarantee any work, but once you join you’ll start receiving notifications when a new job opportunity is available. You’ll be able to log in to review the opportunity before deciding if you’re interested or not. If you are interested then you can send the client a message expressing your interest which may lead to an interview or hire.

The types of work varies and you can always choose to decline work. We have carers that fill some of their spare time between shifts at their main job to full-time live-in roles that last for multiple years.

How do I join?

In order to join PrimeCarers you will need to register at the top or bottom of this page. We’re looking for qualified carers that have over a year's professional caring experience and an enhanced DBS on the update service (this costs £13/yr).

The registration process consists of a few different steps, first we’ll collect some basic details from you. Then we’ll ask you to perform an ID check with our partner Yoti. It only takes a couple of minutes to hold a passport or driving license up to a phone or laptop camera. If you struggle we can perform this step manually but it’s much quicker for yourself to use the automated system.

Once your ID is verified you’ll be through to our interview stage where you’ll be interviewed by an experienced carer to test your knowledge and other compassionate traits that we look for. Following a successful interview your profile will go live and you’ll start receiving job opportunities.

What if my DBS is not on the update service?

You can add any enhanced DBS to the update service within 28 days of it being issued. If you already have another agency job and are due a new DBS soon, then be sure to add it to the update service when you receive your copy.

If you are unable to acquire a DBS from your existing employer then we can apply for an enhanced DBS certificate on your behalf at a cost of £52. If you are interested in this then contact our team at

How much does being on PrimeCarers cost?

Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge any up-front fees to join or chat with clients. Instead, we charge between 12.5-20% when the work is booked. The fees breakdown as follows:

  • 12.5% for live-in care
  • 15% for hourly care on 6 hour or more shifts
  • 20% for hourly care under 6 hours

Retire Your Agency Career. Become a Private Carer.

Get found by Clients and earn more

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Find out how we work