Cost of Carers

Understanding the Cost of Carers
How Carer Prices Vary

How Much Do Private Carers Cost?

Carers set their own prices on the platform which means that prices vary from carer to carer. We've put together this page to help you understand the typical cost of care.

You should use this information as a guide, the exact rate will vary based on geographical location, carer experience and complexity of care required.

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How Much Do Private Carers Cost?

How Much Does Hourly Care Cost?

The average cost for an hour of care is £18.59/hr. If booking longer shifts of six hours the average rate is £17.22/hr.

Carers set their own rates on PrimeCarers, so this number is an average of all carers. The rate you pay will depend on the carer you choose and the complexity of the care required.

Average Rate (1 Hour): £18.59/hr

Average Rate (6 Hours): £17.22/hr

How Much Does Live-in Care Cost?

The average day rate for live-in care is £148.21/day. If the care required is more complex the average rate is £179.16/day.

Carers set a standard day rate for live-in care but may charge more if the job is particularly complex or involves caring for a couple.

Average Live-in Rate: £148.21/day

Average Live-in Rate (Complex): £179.16/day

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Estimate the Cost of Carer

If you are looking for a more accurate estimate based on your geographical location you can try our Cost of care calculator.

The secret to affordable care is to determine the correct level of care for your needs. We've written the following articles on deciding what kind of care you need. You can also contact our advisors on
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