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How Much Do Private Carers Cost?

Here at PrimeCarers we make it easy to work with vetted private carers near you. Carers set their own prices on the platform which means that prices vary from carer to carer. We've put together this page to help you understand the typical cost of care.

You should use this data as a guide, the exact rate will vary based on geographical location, carer experience and complexity of care required.

Private Carer Hourly Rates

Carers tend to reduce their hourly rate by the number of hours worked. This bar chart demonstrates the distribution of carer prices on PrimeCarers for a single hour of care or 6 hours or more.

Average Rate (1 Hour): £17.34/hr

Average Rate (6 Hours): £16.14/hr

Private Carer Live-in Rates

Carers set a standard day rate for live-in care but may charge more if the job is particularly complex or involves caring for a couple.

Average Live-in Rate: £137.62/day

Average Live-in Rate (Complex): £165.15/day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are private carers cheaper than agencies?

Working with a private carer gives you much more choice over your care, but it also comes with risks that you should be aware of. A traditional care agency is required by CQC to maintain a sufficient number of carers in order to cover any last-minute care needs that may arise should a carer fall ill.

When you work with a private carer this requirement is not enshrined in law. While PrimeCarers will do everything in our power to organise short term sick cover, it may mean that you may have to pay that carer additional money in order to secure cover. Due to these additional risks the cost of private care is lower.

What is the average cost of respite care?

If organised sufficiently ahead of time there is no additional cost involved in organising respite care.

If you need to organise care within 24 hours then we may need to charge an additional surcharge in order to secure a carer.

Do I need to pay for carer holidays?

No, when a carer sets their prices they factor in the time they expect to spend unable to work or taking as holiday. This makes hiring a carer much simpler.

Do I need to pay carers with PAYE?

No, carers on PrimeCarers are self-employed. They set their own prices, work with multiple clients over the course of a year and pay their own taxes. All tax is already factored into the price you see.

Do I need to pay VAT?

It's very unlikey. Non-CQC regulated care services are subject to VAT but since you contract the carer directly they will very rarely meet the VAT threshold of £85,000.

How does PrimeCarers make money?

We charge carers a fee of between 10% and 20% (depending on amount of work booked). This fee covers:

  • The cost of finding work for the carer
  • Providing our cashless payments service
  • Insuring the carer
  • Providing support and dispute resolution to both carer and client
  • The use of our care and shift management tools

Can't we just cut PrimeCarers out?

One of our core goals as a business is to improve the wages of carers, whilst reducing the costs clients face. At the same time, we want to keep quality and safety at a high level. We manage to do all this, whilst maintaining the lowest fees in the industry. To continue doing this, we rely on your honesty, as carers and clients.

Circumventing our fees by not booking your visits on the platform makes it harder and harder for us to provide this zero up-front cost service to help you and others. We believe that all the vetting, background checking, contracting, support, tools and security of using carers on the PrimeCarers platform, is well worth the small fee we charge.

If you are looking for a more accurate estimate based on your geographical location you can try our Cost of care calculator.

The secret to affordable care is to determine the correct level of care for your needs. We've written the following articles on deciding what kind of care you need. You can also contact our advisors on 0203 369 3624 between 8am and 10pm.