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How much do private carers cost?

How much do private carers cost? Here at PrimeCarers we offer three different types of care, hourly care, shift care and live-in care. Carers on our platform set their own prices so the below prices are averages across the platform and may be higher or lower based on the level of care required and geographical location.

Carer Pricing

Hourly Care

The average price for an hour of care on the platform is £16.62/hr. Of the price you see we would charge the carer 20% leaving the carer with £13.38/hr.

Carer Gets: £13.38
You pay: £16.62/hr

Shift Care

If a carer works for six hours or more then most charge a reduced shift rate averaging £15.10/hr. We also lower our fee to 15% leaving the carer with £13.01/hr.

Carer Gets: £13.01
You pay: £15.10/hr

Live-in Care

During live-in care work the carer lives in the house with you. The average charge for this is £137.19/day. Our fee for live-in care is 10% so the carer takes home £123.47.

Carer Gets: £123.47
You pay: £137.19/day

If you are looking for a more accurate estimate based on your geographical location you can try our Cost of care calculator.

The secret to affordable care is to determine the correct level of care for your needs. We've written the following articles on deciding what kind of care you need. You can also contact our advisors on 0203 369 3624 between 8am and 10pm.