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Corinne F is a private carer in None

Corinne F

Qualified carer

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Care Provided: Day Live-in

Languages: English French

Age: 50+

Years Experience: 15


I am reliable, adaptable, personable and fully committed to my work.
I am very experienced and a good communicator.
I am empathetic, compationate, kind, patient, a good listener with a positive outlook on life.
Clients are my priority: I believe in giving an excellent service to my clients.
I offer personal centered support and always go the extra mile to give them the very best in care.
I am a good cook, healthy and I enjoy keeping fit.
What I enjoy about being a carer is making my clients comfortable with all their needs met and with my vast experience and my can do attitude knowing that my clients are happy in their own home.
My experience and skills are:
catheter care
Colostomy care
Medication assistance/ prompting
Eating and drinking assistant
Incontinance care
UTI infection/ advanced cognitif imparement
Visual imparement
Dementia, Alzheimer
Poor mobility
Orthopidic injuries/Broken bones
Cancer care
End of life care.
I have worked for a number of clients on a one to one basis,
for people from all walks of life,
I have worked in living care, dom care and social care.


Skills - I have been trained with the following skills

Supporting Children Bathing Toileting Assistance with Dressing Wound Dressing Catheter Care APO-Go Insulin Pumps Colostomy Care Companionship Cooking Laundry Cleaning Administrative Tasks Hoist Assistance Moving and Handling Medication Reminders Eating and Drinking Assistance

Experience - I have worked with these issues in the past

Autism Spectrum Disorders Mild Cognitive Impairment Bedbound Parkinson's Disease Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent) Type 2 Diabetes (Non Insulin Dependent) Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Spinal Injury Learning Disabilties Downs Syndrome Epilepsy Bipolar Cerebral Palsy Heart Disease Stroke Post Operative Orthopaedic Injuries / Broken Bones Cancer Huntington's Disease Respiratory Illness (COPD, Asthma, etc.) Urinary Disorder (UTI, Incontinence, etc.) Poor or Declining Mobility Dementia (Alzheimer, Vascular, etc.) Deafness Visual Impairment Physical Disability End Of Life Care ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)


I get to work by: Car

Can I Drive Patients? I have a license but no car

Event Chaperoning: Yes, Outside the UK

Holiday Chaperoning: Yes, Outside the UK


Hobbies - I have an interest in these activities and like to talk about them.



Cooking & Baking






Pet Preferences - I am happy to look after these sorts of pets alongside a patient.





Hourly Care

Half Hour Visit


1-6 Hour Visit


6+ Hour Visit


Live-in Care

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Complex Visit


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