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Jennifer B is a private carer in None

Jennifer B

Qualified carer

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Care Provided: Day Night Live-in

Languages: English

Age: 50+

Years Experience: 27


My name is Jennifer and I've been a home carer for over twenty-nine years now. I adore helping people to live as independently as possible and have worked with a variety of clients, from those with dementia and learning disabilities to those who suffer from anxiety or eating disorders. I'm a caring and patient person by nature and feel fulfilled when I'm able to help someone in need. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, going for walks, dancing and playing card games. i keen cook and baker, so feel free to ask me for any recipe recommendations! I do not rive .but I'm also happy to work on an hourly basis. If you think I might be the right carer for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am honest trustworthy.i go that extra mile and beyond.i am hard-working. I always bring smile to someone when feeling bit down .I am passionate at what I do in. caring .it comes from the heart .caring is sharing .is rewarding challenging and empathy and compassion all that I bring to the table of care.never two days are the same but aim to get through day today task. I like to look after to clients as that what you do, make someone feel special and there not alone. i like to rehabilitate people . as no one should feel isolate caring for me from the hear. I have the skills the 30years of experience and love learning new things that great for my job I hold nv2 in health social care I hold nvq3 in pallative care .i hold nvq3 in safeguarding . I hold nvq3 in dementia care. I hold customers relation in university. and learn new things at time caring lot advantages disadvantage great to study new things each individual is different in health .so continuity n caring is everyone is special .I work with all kinds of clients in dementia learning .diabetes. palliative care clients.autism.mental health.. I love to cook lovely dishes for my clients cooking is my passion. my character .I love to laugh smile . have great sence of humour. .


Skills - I have been trained with the following skills

Supporting Children Supporting Young Adults Bathing Toileting Assistance with Dressing Wound Dressing Catheter Care Colostomy Care Companionship Cooking Laundry Cleaning Administrative Tasks Hoist Assistance Moving and Handling Medication Reminders Eating and Drinking Assistance

Experience - I have worked with these issues in the past

Autism Spectrum Disorders Mild Cognitive Impairment Bedbound Parkinson's Disease Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent) Type 2 Diabetes (Non Insulin Dependent) Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Learning Disabilties Downs Syndrome Multiple Sclerosis Epilepsy Schizophrenia Bipolar Cystic Fibrosis Heart Disease Stroke Post Operative Orthopaedic Injuries / Broken Bones Cancer Huntington's Disease Respiratory Illness (COPD, Asthma, etc.) Urinary Disorder (UTI, Incontinence, etc.) Poor or Declining Mobility Dementia (Alzheimer, Vascular, etc.) Deafness Visual Impairment Physical Disability End Of Life Care ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)


I get to work by: Public transport

Can I Drive Patients? No, I cannot drive

Event Chaperoning: Yes, Outside the UK

Holiday Chaperoning: Yes, Outside the UK


Hobbies - I have an interest in these activities and like to talk about them.




Card Games








Board Games

Video Games


Watching TV







Cooking & Baking



Hourly Care

1-6 Hour Visit


6+ Hour Visit


Live-in Care

Standard Visit


Complex Visit


Give us a call on 0203 369 3624 to discuss how care is priced.

Nightly Care

Waking Visit


Sleeping Visit



5.0 / 5

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Janine P -

Reviewed on 21st August 2020

Jenny is a bubbly, helpful and kind lady with a can do, hands on attitude. Caring can be stressful and unpredictable. Jenny takes it all in her stride and is more than capable and willing to excel. I've learnt a lot from Jenny. She's conscientious and polite. Always ready to go the extra mile. Her standards are good and her ethics likewise. She has good empathy and compassion. It's lovely to see. She makes a good mentor care giver for those following in the profession.

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