Washing And Dressing Care Plan

March 4, 2020 James 0 Comments

Washing and dressing a loved one can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for both you and your loved one. That’s why a washing and dressing care plan is essential to keeping your loved one healthy, safe and comfortable with what is happening around them. If you are unsure as to how to go about it, you

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Different Types Of Support Worker

February 26, 2020 James 0 Comments

A support worker is differentiated by where they work and what they deliver. This breaks down into three distinct areas; Clinical settings, Community settings and Domestic settings, in a client’s home. Support Worker in a Domestic Setting Care Assistant Meaning Care assistant, carer, care worker and domiciliary carer are all terms used for care workers.

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The impact “No visas for low-skilled workers” will have on the Care Sector

February 20, 2020 James 1 Comments

The post-Brexit ban on visas for “Low Skilled Workers” will benefit carers already in the UK, hurt people in need of care and will force employers to adapt or die. Putting aside the argument about whether care work is a “low skilled” occupation, it is certainly “low paid”, as defined by the government. And putting

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Keeping loved ones safe from the Corona Virus – Infection Control at Home

January 30, 2020 James 1 Comments

No one likes getting sick, least of all the most vulnerable among us. The Corona Virus does seem to be highly infectious, due to it’s apparent ability to infect others before the carrier shows any symptoms, and it does seem to be relatively dangerous (with a World Health Organisation estimated fatality rate of 1-2%). So

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The Struggles With Working in Care

January 14, 2020 James 0 Comments

Whether you’re working in a care home with an agency or as a private carer, There are many problems that are faced. We, as a platform, are trying to help carers face and overcome those problems.  Working in Care Zero-hours contracts have no guaranteed hours or times of work. Their use for care workers helps

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Surviving Winter

January 10, 2020 James 0 Comments

Surviving winter becomes harder as you age. You become more vulnerable to illnesses, and there are risks that can impact you more than others. Here, we go through illnesses and other winter risks, that may cause a problem to your loved ones, as well as ways to prevent them. Surviving Winter Illnesses Most people contract

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I want to be a carer. But how?

November 6, 2019 James 0 Comments

Ever said “I want to be a carer” but didn’t know how to go about it? we’ve got you covered. There are many reasons for someone to become a carer, some are personal, some are not. But no matter what your reasoning behind becoming a carer is, and whether you want to work on the

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What makes a good carer

October 25, 2019 James 0 Comments

When choosing your private carer, it is important to find someone you can trust and get along with, whether you’re looking for a respite or long term care. Nothing is more important than how well you get along with your carer, especially if they’ll be spending lots of time with you or your loved one.

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Managing Your Client’s Continence

October 22, 2019 James 0 Comments

Incontinence is a delicate subject for clients and their loved ones and should be approached with sensitivity and compassion. Although a common problem for men and women of all ages, continence issues can drastically reduce a person’s quality of life if not actively managed. This is why you need a continence care plan to help

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Managing Clients with Parkinson’s

October 11, 2019 James 0 Comments

A lot of people know all about Alzheimer’s or Vascular Dementia, but fewer know about Parkinson’s. On top is this, our understanding of Parkinson’s is changing, as are the treatments, so it is important to keep up, to keep ahead. The Basics What is Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition. This means that

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