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Private Carers in Banchory

Do you have a loved one in need of quality care in Banchory? But you don’t want the hassle of a care agency? Private care could be the option for you, at PrimerCarers we are home to a team of private care professionals who can offer all of the help and support needed when caring for your loved one.

Who are we?

Our team is an introductory agency, our role is to help you find the perfect private carer, taking away all the stress and worry of finding someone to suit your needs. At PrimeCarers we offer a full inclusive search of private carers for you, including background checks. After all, we want you to be happy with the person you choose to be your private carer.

We have a number of private carers available in Banchory who can meet your specific needs such as hourly carers, live-in carers and night carers.

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How Does It Work?

Search For Private Carers in Banchory

Get In Touch With Carers You Like

Book A Free Interview Today

We offer a tool that helps you filter private carers in Banchory by their skills, price and ratings.

When you have found a handful of carers you can reach out and chat to them to find out more.

Face to face interviews will help you determine whether they are the right private carer in Banchory for you.

What Types Of Care Are Available in Banchory?

The carers that we have on our platform offer a wide range of care services, from hourly to live-in. It can be a complicated and difficult task when deciding on the right type of private care needed, our dedicated team can help ease any of your worries and concerns by providing the best advice and guidance.

When you have found the type of private care you think is right for you or your loved one you can then use our system below, this will help you find and choose out of all of the reputable and trusted private carers we have here in Banchory. This also allows you to filter through the various skills or expertise you might require, such as PEG feeding, ventilator care, colostomy care or specific languages.

Hourly Private Carers in Banchory

Hourly Carers are perfect for you or your loved one if you only need a small amount of support. The hand selected private hourly carers are here to help you with your care needs, especially if you can be flexible on times - Mornings and evenings can be busy.

Live-in Private Carers in Banchory

Live-in carers offer you a cost effective way to ensure you or your loved ones are cared for at all times, by living with the person in need of care, they can be on hand to help at any time.

Night Carers in Banchory

Being a full-time carer for a loved one can be a difficult task, that’s why our night carers are on hand to come in and give you a bit of respite overnight. They are fully capable of offering care and support during the night so you can rest. - It’s important to note that not all carers work nights and they may have different prices.

Why choose us?

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Find The Right Carer For You

We've already vetted all caregivers on the platform so you can focus on finding the perfect match for you or your loved ones.

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You Pay Less, They Earn More

We directly connect Carers and families, charging the lowest fees in the industry. That means carers are getting what they deserve and you're paying less.

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Let Us Handle The Admin

Our team takes all the hassle out of paying for and managing care. Book your appointments online and we'll handle the rest. Let us do the work for you.

How Do We Check Private Carers in Banchory?

Enhanced DBS Check - Every one of these caregivers is subject to a background check to make sure they’re fit for your loved one.

Interview Process - One of our experienced staff will interview new carers, so we can assess their suitability, knowledge and skills.

Reviews/References - We ask for reference letters from previous employers or evaluations from previous patients.

Find out more about what makes the best carers here.

Recent Blog Posts

By running our own blog, we can consistently provide all of our website visitors with frequent information regarding all the different services available on the market today, including information for day to day activities and private care procedures.

Reach Out To Our Team Today

If you want to find out more information regarding the services we offer around private carers, then be sure to reach out to us. Give us a call on 0203 369 3624 or use click the question mark in the bottom right of your screen to chat with our team. We are more than happy to help you where we can, private carers are our field of expertise so let us help you find the perfect one for you. We are the team for you if you are searching for private carers in Banchory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PrimeCarers employ carers directly?

PrimeCarers is what CQC (care quality commission) define as an introductory service. When you work with a carer on PrimeCarers you will be engaging them directly as a self-employed individual. All carers usually work with multiple clients throughout the year so you won’t need to worry about organising PAYE and payroll for your carer. We’re here to give carers and clients the tools to find each other, manage money transactions and continue to work together into the future.

How much will care cost?

All the carers on PrimeCarers set their own prices based on their experience and expectations. All carer prices are displayed to you on their profile. Most carers will have different pricing based on the type of care being provided and may adjust their price up or down slightly based on the complexity of the job. If you’d like to find out more about carer pricing, head over to our pricing page where we’ve broken down the typical cost of various types of care:

Are the carers insured?

Yes! All visits booked through the PrimeCarers platform, excluding those booked with home assistants, are insured by our insurance provider Fish. You can view the details of the insurance on our terms of service page

Is there a fee for an initial assessment?

We don’t offer an in-person assessment at PrimeCarers in order to keep costs to yourself as low as possible, but our team is available during opening hours to answer any questions you may have for free. In addition, you may organise interviews with as many carers as you like for free before booking your first paid visit.

What if I don’t get on with my carer?

When you work with a carer privately you’re in control of the decisions. If you’re not getting on well with your carer then you’re not locked into any long-running contracts, however, we do enforce a 48 hour (for an hourly carer) and 7-day (for live-in care) cancellation policy as this helps carers to plan their schedule and not have to turn down other work.

Do you have a minimum visit length and number of visits?

We leave decisions on minimum visit lengths and minimum numbers of visits up to carers themselves. A 30-minute visit can be a great arrangement if a carer lives very nearby or it fits into their existing schedule while it won’t be practical for those further away. Very few carers enforce any sort of minimum number of visits and plenty of clients book one or two visits as a trial before booking out ahead.

Will my carer cook and clean the house?

When you work directly with a carer, you are their client and so most carers will be perfectly happy to help you out in any way you might need rather than sticking to a more formulaic care plan.