Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Angus

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Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Angus

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If you're looking for companionship care in Angus, chances are walking, cooking and baking, or watching TV would be activities you'd share with your carer, as these are the top three most popular hobbies among companionship carers in the area.

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What Are The Most Common Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Angus?

The more we understand about the people we interact with, the better we form valuable relationships with them. This is true in any context, including finding the right carer. To make this task simpler for you, PrimeCarers has a unique approach where hobbies form an essential part of our matching algorithm. Given the importance of shared personal interests in nurturing a healthy companionship, we have collated a useful guide on the most common hobbies among companionship carers in Angus. Here is a detailed snapshot:

| Hobby | Percent of Carers | | --- | --- | | Walking | 66.7% | | Cooking & Baking | 57.1% | | Watching TV | 52.4% | | Reading | 47.6% | | Music | 42.9% | | Gardening | 38.1% | | Decorating | 38.1% | | Photography | 38.1% | | Dancing | 38.1% | | Socialising | 38.1% | | Puzzles | 33.3% | | Card Games | 28.6% | | Painting | 23.8% | | Sports | 23.8% | | Board Games | 19.0% | | Video Games | 19.0% | | Writing | 14.3% | | DIY | 14.3% | | Volunteering | 9.5% | | Fishing | 9.5% | | Knitting | 9.5% | | Yoga | 9.5% | | Collecting | 4.8% |

This list provides an understanding of what hobbies a companionship carer might enjoy. To delve in deeper, let's look at some in more detail.


The leisurely activity of walking tops the list with 66.7% of companionship carers in Angus taking joy in this wonderful past time. Walking serves as a fantastic way for carers and clients to bond and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it provide physical benefits, but the picturesque locales of Angus serve as the perfect walking backdrops. Check out the various local places to visit with a companionship carer in Angus for an inspired choice of walking trails and adventures.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking are popular hobbies shared by 57.1% of companionship carers in Angus. Preparing nutritious meals together or baking scrumptious cakes can be a delightful and interactive activity for both the carer and the client. Sharing treasured family recipes or learning new culinary skills together not only helps in fostering a close relationship, but it also ensures that dietary needs are met in a joyous manner.

Watching TV

With 52.4% of carers enjoying television, there’s a high chance that a favourite TV show or eagerly-awaited drama series can be shared between a client and a carer. The shared experience of watching a TV program together can be comforting and may serve as a point of discussion to enhance interpersonal communication.


Gardening, appreciated by 38.1% of the carers, is another way carers and their clients in Angus might find joy. Gardening has well-documented therapeutic benefits and spending time together in nature can significantly enhance emotional well-being. From growing your vegetables to planting colourful flowers, carers can assist their clients in making the most of their gardens.


Matching steps on favourite tunes with carers who enjoy dancing, which constitutes 38.1% of the carers in Angus, is a fun way to spend time together. Dancing is not only a great form of exercise, but it is also beneficial for maintaining balance and coordination, especially important in elderly care. In addition, dancing together can add a sprinkle of joyfulness and fun to the relationship between carer and client.

Knowing the hobbies that carers enjoy can offer a wonderful starting point in your search for the perfect companionship carer. More specifically, it enables you to find a carer who you can genuinely enjoy spending time with, improving the quality of care you receive.

Remember, these shared hobbies are merely an entryway for initiating effective communication and forming worthwhile connections. PrimeCarers' comprehensive guide to companionship care can help you understand the depth of companionship care and its numerous benefits. Furthermore, knowing the cost of home care in Angus can help you to manage your expectations.

So whether it's walking together in the countryside, baking some delightful pastries, watching a favourite TV show, planting sunflowers in your garden, or simply dancing to nostalgic tunes, PrimeCarers can help you find the ideal companionship carer in Angus. Explore shared activities to do with a carer, fostering a sense of true companionship and mutual respect.

Keep in mind, shared hobbies are an excellent indicator of compatibility, but they make just a part of our matching algorithm. PrimeCarers focuses on many aspects of your care needs, to ensure that you find not just a care worker, but rather a companion who understands, respects, and enjoys being part of your life story. Remember, a strong companionship is not merely about the activities performed together. It is about creating a safe and comfortable space, where laughter, stories, and quiet moments can be shared, cherished, and built upon each day.

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