Can Carers Take You Out? What Outings Can They Help With?

James Bowdler

23 October, 2023

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Yes, whether paid or unpaid, carers can take you out for social activities, appointments, or day trips and even accompany you on vacations, providing necessary support and helping to ensure your well-being outside the home.

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Understanding the Role of a Carer

Before diving into how carers can assist in taking you outside your home, it’s essential to understand their role. A carer, often provided through platforms like PrimeCarers, provides companionship and emotional support and assists with various daily tasks. Their responsibilities may include; personal care, meal preparation, household chores, and medication management.

At PrimeCarers, mobility and outings are essential to many families. That’s why we keep detailed information about every carer on the platform and if they hold a driving license, own their own car and are happy to chaperone to events or even holidays.

It’s all listed in a carer’s profile, making picking the ideal carer a breeze!

What Activities Can a Companionship Carer Help With?

Social Activities

One of the critical services provided by companionship carers is facilitating social activities. They enable clients to continue enjoying their hobbies, visiting friends and families or participating in community events. It’s not just about physical transportation but also emotional support and encouragement for those apprehensive about social interactions. Carers help alleviate loneliness and isolation by keeping you socially active, drastically enhancing mental health and well-being.

Medical Appointments

Companion carers can accompany you on various essential appointments besides social activities. It includes visits to the doctor, hospital appointments, or other medical check-ups. Carers can also help your loved one get out of the house to the hairdresser or barber.

Carers can provide transportation to and from these appointments, and their presence can be instrumental in maintaining continuity of care. They can help you remember critical details from your appointments and assist in implementing the advice given by the professionals at home. Carers who drive often come in handy for this aspect, making transportation much smoother and more comfortable. You can learn more about driving carers here.


It may not be the most glamorous outing, but a trip to the shops can help those suffering from reduced mobility or memory to feel normal again.

Shopping is one of those areas that familial caregivers often start. As your family member finds it harder and harder to get to the shops, you often find yourself picking up more things on their behalf or taking them yourselves.

Many older people are acutely aware of the burden this places on their family, and a companionship carer can be a solution that eases the load on the family and allows an individual to feel in control of their own lives and shopping habits.

Day Trips

Day trips or excursions can make life more exciting and enjoyable. A companionship carer can certainly facilitate such trips, enhancing your outside-home experience. They can provide necessary support whether you wish to visit a local museum, enjoy nature in a park, or take a trip to watch a play at the theatre. These shared experiences can also strengthen the bond between you and your carer, enriching the overall companionship.


Holidays or vacations are not off-limits when it comes to companionship care. Whether you plan to visit family, take a relaxing getaway, or embark on a sightseeing trip, carers can provide all the support needed. They ensure that you can relax and enjoy your vacation while a dedicated professional addresses your day-to-day needs.

Carer Supported Holidays is a unique service that allows carers to accompany you on your vacations. The service is designed to offer all-around support during the holiday and ensures peace of mind for you and your family. You can learn more about this service here.

Special Occasions (Weddings, Funerals)

Sometimes your loved one will want to travel further afield or head to a special occasion. Weddings are such happy occasions filled with great memories, and most families will want everyone to be able to make it. They can also be stressful.

Having an elderly relative at a wedding that requires support can stress family members who will have many other things to worry about. It is possible to hire a carer for the day to look after your elderly relative, help them around and take care of any personal care requirements they may have.


In conclusion, companionship carers offer much more than day-to-day assistance at home. Social activities, appointments, day trips or vacations, a carer can accompany you through all aspects of life outside the home. By choosing a reliable service provider like PrimeCarers, you can find a perfect match in terms of a carer, ensuring that life remains full, active and enjoyable at home and beyond. Through companionship and support, carers can greatly enhance your quality of life. You can check out The Complete Guide to Companionship Care here for more information about companionship care.

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