Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Dundee

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Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Dundee

Identifying hobbies shared by carers in Dundee and those seeking companionship care is an essential aspect of PrimeCarers' bespoke care initiation service.

Comforting Companionship Care Services in Dundee
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Discovering Common Interests: The Matching Algorithm

PrimeCarers provides a unique service, the matching algorithm, to help prospective clients find the perfect companionship carer. This algorithm prioritises shared hobbies as a useful way to match clients with carers. It considers the hobbies listed in the client's profile and matches them with carers who share these interests. This matching protocol ensures that the companionship care provided goes beyond daily caregiving tasks. It fulfils a much-needed social role: shared hobbies facilitate a bond which can lead to fruitful engagements and enhanced wellbeing on both sides.

The table below provides a rundown of hobbies that caregivers in Dundee have listed as their interests: | Hobby | Percent of Carers | | --- | --- | | Walking | 66.7% | | Cooking & Baking | 54.2% | | Reading | 50.0% | | Watching TV | 45.8% | | Photography | 41.7% | | Music | 41.7% | | Socialising | 37.5% | | Gardening | 37.5% | | Decorating | 33.3% | | Dancing | 33.3% | | Puzzles | 29.2% | | Painting | 25.0% | | Card Games | 25.0% | | Sports | 20.8% | | Video Games | 16.7% | | Board Games | 16.7% | | Writing | 12.5% | | Volunteering | 12.5% | | DIY | 12.5% | | Knitting | 8.3% | | Yoga | 8.3% | | Fishing | 8.3% | | Collecting | 4.2% |

Highlighted Hobbies: Delving Deeper into Shared Interests

While all the hobbies listed above are valuable avenues for connection, we'll analyse a few in greater depth.


As the most popular hobby with a whopping 66.7% of caregivers listing it, walking brings numerous benefits. Carers and their elderly clients can engage in short, leisurely strolls or even venture further to visit surrounding parks or attraction sites. This shared activity promotes physical health and also creates an excellent opportunity for conversation, strengthening the bond between caregiver and client. Dundee is abundant with beautiful walking routes that carer and client can explore together, making it an ideal city for 'walking' enthusiasts.

Cooking & Baking

With more than half of caregivers listing it as a hobby, cooking and baking are one of the shared passions you can specifically request via PrimeCarers "Find Companionship Care in Dundee" service. Beyond the practicality of meal preparation, this hobby can facilitate a vibrant interaction between client and carer. Together, they can concoct family recipes, try out new cuisines, and even organise small 'bake-off' contests. These kitchen adventures can stir culinary creativity, nurture a sense of accomplishment, and foster closer relationships.


The allure of a captivating storyline can bridge multiple divides- the world of literature is a common hobby enjoyed by about half of the caregivers in Dundee. Clients that wish to dedicate their time to reading can certainly find a carer that echoes their interest. Suppose the client is comfortable with it. In that case, shared reading sessions could also be a delightful way to spend time, possibly introducing each other to different genres and authors in the process.

How Hobbies Affect Care in Companionship

It's more than just having mutual likes and shared pastimes. Incorporating these hobbies into the routine caregiving schedule has multiple benefits.

Better Communication

Shared hobbies enable easier conversation starters, reducing any initial awkwardness. It paves the way for open discussions and deeper engagements, promoting understanding and empathy.

Enhanced Emotional Well-being

Engaging in liked activities together generally induces happiness and contentment. It can reduce stress and anxiety, uplift mood, and nourish the emotional health of both carers and their clients.

Enriched Personal Care Experience

Finding care can feel transactional due to its nature. However, shared hobbies can infuse an element of warmth and personalised feel to it. This added level of comfort inevitably enhances the overall care experience.

Conclusion: Hobbies and PrimeCarers Companionship Care

PrimeCarers recognises the power of shared hobbies in enriching the companionship care experience. Through comprehensive profiles and a keen matching algorithm, PrimeCarers can help you find a private carer that not only suits your care requirements but also shares your interests. Visit our website to find out more about how we can make your care search easier and more personalised.

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