Places to Visit With a Companionship Carer on the Shetland Islands

Map of Places to Visit With a Companionship Carer on the Shetland Islands showing towns we provide care in
Places to Visit With a Companionship Carer on the Shetland Islands

Exploring the Shetland Islands with a companionship carer can make for a memorable and carefree experience, especially with the stunning wildlife reserves, enriching local museums, and engaging community events available.

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1. Discovering Heritage at Shetland Museum and Archives

Located at Hay's Dock, the Shetland Museum and Archives is an epicentre of Shetland history and culture. Bring history to life with a carer in tow, as you delve through thousands of artefacts and archives that recount over 5000 years of Shetland history. With a carer, mobility-challenged visitors can feel at ease as they navigate the interactive exhibits, take part in exciting workshops, or relax at the waterside café.

These outings can be essential for those with mental health conditions or mobility issues, as both individuals receive profound intellectual stimulation from new experiences that museums provide. As per our Complete Guide to Companionship Care, shared experiences in such educational environments can significantly improve seniors' intellectual and emotional wellbeing.

2. Exploring Natural Beauty at Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve

Embrace the breathtaking beauty of the Shetland Islands at Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve. This recommended spot teems with wildlife, particularly between April and August when seabirds like puffins reside here. With the assistance of a carer that drives, visitors can comfortably explore the dramatic landscapes and seabird colonies from the comfort of a vehicle. Accessibility enhancements at the reserve, including lifts and fully-equipped facilities, make it inclusive for visitors of all abilities.

Outings to natural spaces can be incredibly therapeutic, offering mental health benefits by reducing stress levels and improving mood.

3. Engaging with Lalick Pottery and Crafts

For a therapeutic session, consider Lalick Pottery and Crafts. It's not just a shop, but a welcome institute where visitors can try their hand at pottery or just browse through the exquisite ceramic pieces. The tactile nature of crafting can be comforting and memory-stimulating, particularly for dementia patients. According to our survey about the Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers on the Shetland Islands, pottery ranks highly.

4. Attending Community Events at Mareel

Mareel is Shetland's creative hub, housing a contemporary cinema, café, bar, and music venue. A carer’s assistance can provide an opportunity to attend movie screenings, music events, theatre productions, and more. Participating in community events can promote social interaction and community integration, which is incredibly crucial for positive mental health and reducing feelings of isolation.

5. Adventuring through the Scalloway Castle

The Scalloway Castle, built in 1600, is an intriguing attraction. Its vast runis, interpretative boards, and undergoing restoration provide a fascinating insight into Shetland’s history. A carer’s assistance can aid in maneuvering the castle's uneven ground and steps, ensuring a memorable and stress-free historical adventure.


Embracing an active lifestyle can have numerous mental and physical health benefits, regardless of age or ability. Using PrimeCarers can assist in selecting the best companionship carer to facilitate memorable experiences on the Shetland Islands. Whether that involves taking in local history, exploring natural landscapes, attending community events, or enjoying sensorial therapy with crafts, there is truly something for everyone on the Shetland Islands. The cost of home care in the Shetland Islands should never be a barrier to enjoying these experiences and with PrimeCarers you can find the right qualified and caring professional to fit your needs and budget.

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