Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in South Ayrshire

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Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in South Ayrshire

Finding the right companionship carer involves more than a simple matching of needs - having shared hobbies greatly enhances the care experience, creating bonds and enhancing quality of life. The most popular hobbies among companionship carers in South Ayrshire range from active pursuits like walking, to creative activities such as painting, displaying a rich tapestry of interests that could align with those of their care recipients. They also partake in music, reading, dancing, and a plethora of other hobbies that can be meaningfully woven into their caring roles.

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Why Shared Hobbies Matter in Companionship Care

Having shared hobbies can create a more enjoyable and satisfying companionship care experience for both the carer and the care recipient. It enables a deeper level of understanding and trust, as well as providing opportunities for shared activities that can enhance well-being and reinforce a sense of communal participation.

For care recipients, engaging in a shared hobby with their carer can also enrich their day-to-day activities, helping them maintain their cognitive abilities, improve their mood, and increase their overall satisfaction with care. Furthermore, for people receiving companionship care, actively engaging in shared hobbies can make their interaction with the carer more akin to spending time with a close friend rather than a healthcare provider.

Our matching algorithm at PrimeCarers takes into account these shared hobbies when matching care recipients with carers. This ensures that the carer is not only equipped to meet the care recipient's physical needs but also aligns with their personality and interests, providing the most suitable companionship.

Widespread Hobbies Among South Ayrshire's Carers

The most common hobbies among companionship carers in South Ayrshire reflect a variety of interests and skills, which can be beneficial to care recipients who share these passions. Here is a summary table:

| Hobby | Percent of Carers | | --- | --- | | Walking | 76.2% | | Cooking & Baking | 61.9% | | Reading | 52.4% | | Photography | 47.6% | | Gardening | 47.6% | | Watching TV | 47.6% | | Music | 42.9% | | Dancing | 42.9% | | Socialising | 38.1% | | Decorating | 38.1% | | Painting | 33.3% | | Card Games | 33.3% | | Sports | 23.8% | | Puzzles | 23.8% | | Video Games | 19.0% | | Board Games | 19.0% | | DIY | 14.3% | | Knitting | 14.3% | | Volunteering | 14.3% | | Writing | 9.5% | | Fishing | 9.5% | | Embroidery | 4.8% | | Yoga | 4.8% | | Collecting | 4.8% |

Let’s delve into some of these hobbies in more detail.


With a robust 76.2% of carers in South Ayrshire listing walking as one of their most beloved hobbies, it’s clear that an appreciation for an active lifestyle and nature remains paramount amongst them. Places to visit with a companionship carer in South Ayrshire provide picturesque landscapes perfect for leisurely walks, both benefiting from and contributing to the overall well-being of the carer and care recipient.

Benefits of Shared Walks

Going for walks offers multiple physical and mental health benefits. It's an excellent way to maintain mobility, improve cardiovascular health, and promote overall wellness. It’s a hobby that contributes to keeping active with a carer and opens opportunities for enjoyable conversations, shared appreciation of the natural environment, and for those inclined, even some photography!


More than half of the carers enjoy diving into different worlds through books, with 52.4% listing it as their hobby. Reading is a hobby that promotes mental stimulation and stress reduction, and it can be a shared enjoyment activity between the carer and care recipient.

Reading Together: Bonding & Cognitive Enhancement

Whether taking turns reading out loud, engaging in book discussions or simply enjoying reading as a joint silent activity, carers who love reading can inspire a similar passion in their care recipients. This shared hobby can foster emotional bonding while aiding cognitive stimulation, both of which play an essential role in sustaining well-being in care recipients.

Cooking & Baking

At 61.9%, cooking and baking is another widespread hobby among the carers. Apart from preparing nourishing meals, carers with this interest can bring a level of warmth and companionship, turning meal preparations into joint, fun activities.

Cooking Together: A Treat for the Senses

Participating together in the kitchen provides a chance for meaningful interaction, catering to the taste preferences of the care recipient, learning new recipes, and enjoying the fruits of their combined labour. Cooking and baking could be a delightful blend of creativity, teamwork, and culinary enjoyment.

Connecting Through Shared Interests

Shared hobbies can significantly enrich the companionship care experience and are certainly a key consideration when selecting a carer. Our matching algorithm at PrimeCarers ensures you find a companionship carer that shares your interests, making the care experience mutually enjoyable. The goal is to ensure your care goes beyond meeting physical needs, extending to emotional support and companionship. By understanding the hobbies of the companionship carers in South Ayrshire, care recipients can create more meaningful connections with their carers and enhance their quality of life.

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