Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Surrey

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Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Surrey

Finding the perfect companionship carer aligns with your interests can greatly enhance the experience of care and companionship. Here at PrimeCarers, we understand the significance of this and incorporated hobbies as a key element in our matching algorithm.

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The Importance of Shared Hobbies

Hobbies fill the time with joy and are considered the backbone of a strong companionship. They alleviate monotony, keep the mind active, and create an atmosphere conducive to sharing, understanding, and mutual respect. It's all the more significant when shared between a carer and the cared-for.

The fundamental role of a companionship carer is to provide company and ensure social interaction. When a shared hobby is at play, companionship flourishes naturally as mutuality nurtures the relationship. As such, matching hobbies isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a strategic approach to foster a caring bond.

Top Hobbies Among Carers in Surrey

Provided below is a table showcasing the most popular hobbies among Surrey-based companionship carers registered with PrimeCarers:

| Hobby | Percent of Carers | | --- | --- | | Walking | 47.9% | | Cooking & Baking | 44.8% | | Dancing | 33.3% | | Music | 31.5% | | Watching TV | 29.1% | | Puzzles | 28.2% | | Socialising | 26.4% | | Reading | 26.0% | | Gardening | 25.8% | | Card Games | 23.8% |

From the table, it's evident that there is a broad spectrum of hobbies shared by Surrey-based carers. This diversity allows a better chance at aligning interests between carers and clients, fostering mutual enjoyment and companionship.

Let's focus on a selected few from the above table, discussing their benefits and explaining why they make popular choices.


Prominent amongst carers, walking is a hobby which offers fantastic physical benefits and opens doors for outdoor exploration. Surrey, with its expansive countryside, is particularly excellent for this activity (see Places to Visit with a Companionship Carer in Surrey). It’s an ideal hobby to share with seniors as it promotes cardiovascular health, muscle strength, joint mobility, and mental wellbeing.

Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking, activities enjoyed by nearly half of our companionship carers, provide ample opportunities for shared experiences. These activities not only cultivate healthier eating habits but also foster creativity and sensory stimulation. Besides, exchanging family recipes or concocting meals together brings warmth and an intimate touch.


Around a third of Surrey carers find pleasure in music - whether it's listening, playing an instrument, or singing. The universality of music bridges gaps in age, making it an excellent tool for connecting carers and those requiring care. Apart from entertainment, music therapies have been known to improve mood, reduce stress, anxiety, and even improve cognition.


A shared love for reading can forge strong bonds. Around a quarter of PrimeCarers companionship carers in Surrey cherish delving into a good book. It offers an intellectual stimulation while inciting deep conversations and sharing of perspectives. Further, reading aloud to those unable to do so themselves can be a beautiful, therapeutic experience.


Socialising may seem an obvious hobby, but it's one that is essential for companionship. The ability to communicate and engage well with others constitutes the essence of caring. With around 26% of Surrey carers valuing this as a hobby, you'll have a better chance of finding a companion who doesn't just take care of physical needs but also values interpersonal relations and meaningful conversations.

How PrimeCarers help you match with your Hobbies

PrimeCarers have carved a more straightforward path to finding the ideal companionship carer for you in Surrey. Using a carefully crafted algorithm, PrimeCarers matches a carer and client based on their shared interests and hobbies. Given the wide range of hobbies embraced by our Surrey carers, as evident in the table above, we're confident of helping you find a carer that resonates with your likes.

Additionally, PrimeCarers helps you understand the cost of home care in Surrey and elucidates on activities to do with a carer. You can even find out about what places to visit in Surrey with a companionship carer. This optimises your chance of leading an active and enjoyable lifestyle, meeting your care needs while also engaging in activities close to your heart.

Final Thoughts:

Hobbies are much more than pastimes - they're catalysts for connection, conversation, and shared joy. Having a carer with similar hobbies doesn’t just provide comfort, it ensures a lifestyle filled with shared experiences and congenial companionship.

With PrimeCarers, you’re not just hiring a professional; you're gaining a friend, a companion who shares your interests. They won't just care for you, but accompany you on those long walks, share your favourite recipes, or perhaps dive into a good book with you.

At PrimeCarers, our mission is to complete the puzzle of perfect companionship care, one piece at a time, starting with shared hobbies.

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