A Comparison of Carer Shopping Cards

James Bowdler

5 November, 2020

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A comparison of carer shopping card. Carer at the supermarket buying groceries

When working with a private carer many people want to provide them with money to pay for expenses and pick up shopping but want to do that in a secure way. There are a number of companies offering solutions to the problem, via prepaid carer shopping cards, that your carer can use to purchase shopping. Here we will review the top contenders and help you to decide if it’s right for you.

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Money Carer offers a number of services to help the vulnerable manage their money, including; Apointeeships, Assisted Banking and their Carer shopping cards.

Their carer shopping card service comes with an App that shows you where and when the money was spent. Unlike most other options, this service allows for free withdrawals from a cash machine which can be helpful if your local fish and chip shop doesn’t accept cards.

This is one of the more expensive options.


  • Website: carercard.com
  • Price: 3 months free then £7/mo
  • Cash Withdrawl: Yes, £0.80/withdrawl

A similar product to the Money Carer card this one allows you to load money onto a prepaid card for easy spending by your carer. You can track the money being spent and load new money through their website rather than an app.

It does come with a £7/mo fee for the service but they are running a 3-month free trial during the coronavirus crisis.

Starling Bank (Carer Shopping Card)

Starling is one of a new breed of banks that includes Monzo and N26. They’ve begun offering an additional service for their current account holders that allows them to order an additional card for their account that the carer can use to purchase food and other necessities.

Money is spent from a separate pot of money within your account that you can control.

Other benefits include limiting the card for only in-person shopping purchases. The card can’t be used at an ATM or at online shops.

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