Best Outings for the Elderly in Angus

Map of Best Outings for the Elderly in Angus showing towns we provide care in
Best Outings for the Elderly in Angus

The variability and rich heritage of Angus makes it an ideal location for senior citizens and their carers to explore.

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The Benefits of Outings for Elderly

Engaging in leisure activities such as outings serves as an integral part of elderly care. It provides opportunities for the elderly to keep active, enjoy the environment, stimulate their minds, and improve their overall well-being. Taking a change of surroundings helps to combat against loneliness, triggers memories, and improves communication, which positively impacts their mental and physical health. Involving a carer in these outings, especially those found on PrimeCarers, ensures the elderly have assistance with any mobility issues and other care needs which helps to make these jaunts more delightful and less stressful.

The Glorious Glamis Castle

Dating back to the 14th century, Glamis Castle in Angus is widely known as one of the most stunning Scottish castles with a remarkable history. It offers serene surroundings perfect for peaceful walks, as well as guided tours to admire the sumptuous interior and learn the stories associated with the castle.

Having a PrimeCarer along can make exploring the castle more enjoyable and manageable for the elderly. Carers can support with navigation through the castle grounds, assist in understanding the narrative of the castle’s history, and importantly ensure the health and safety needs are observed.

Unwind in Montrose Basin Wildlife Centre

The Montrose Basin Wildlife Centre, with its impressive expanse of tidal basin, is teeming with various types of birds and wildlife. It provides a peaceful setting where elderly people can watch and appreciate the wildlife. Being in nature can have an incredibly calming and therapeutic effect, an experience that can be shared and enhanced with a caring companion, such as a PrimeCarer.

The carer can offer assistance in mobility rigorous paths or spotting the various species present. The visit becomes more spirited with a carer who can share in the joy of witnessing the animals in their natural habitat.

Stroll along Arbroath Cliffs Nature Trail

Arbroath Cliffs Nature Trail, lined with wild flowers and birds, gives the elderly a chance to connect with nature. The trail is a perfect location for leisurely strolls, with sitting areas ideal for picnics or a bit of rest. Here, interactions with nature can stimulate memories, spark conversations and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

A PrimeCarer can provide a comforting presence, assistance in moving along the trail and engaging in conversation about the surroundings to make the visit more engaging and less taxing.

Explore the signal tower museum

The Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath is an excellent attraction for elderly history lovers. It offers an insight into the history of the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the seafaring past of the local area. The museum is fully wheelchair accessible, making it easier for the elderly with mobility issues to explore.

Having a PrimeCarer by their side can be valuable in this setting too. They can assist with manoeuvring the wheelchair, translating and explaining the historical exhibits, and making the experience fun, enlightening, and fruitful.


Outings are beneficial for the elderly in many ways, most of which hinge to the prospect of promoting their well-being and uplifting their spirits. Angus, with its varied array of attractions, provides a plethora of options for outings. By incorporating a dedicated PrimeCarer in these outings, the experience is enhanced, making it a heartening adventure rather than a tiresome task. The elderly and their families can leverage resources such as the Elderly Care Guide from PrimeCarers for more information on engaging senior-friendly activities and quality care providers in Angus.

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