Best Outings for the Elderly in Cornwall

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Best Outings for the Elderly in Cornwall

The whimsical charm of Cornwall makes it a splendid place for the elderly to explore, along with their paired carer, as they marinate in the county's historical artefacts, blooming gardens and transcendent views of the sea.

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Why Outings are Beneficial for the Elderly

PrimeCarers recognises that as people age, they may require assistance in various aspects of their daily lives. However, care at home is not just about assisting with daily tasks, it's also about promoting quality of life, mental health, and broadening horizons. An introduction to the right private carer doesn't just aim at simplifying life but also at enriching it. Helping to organise and assist on outings is amongst the key benefits of finding a professional carer who you can trust and rely upon.

Outings play a crucial role in mental stimulation and morale boost for the elderly. They present opportunities to interact with the surroundings, promoting sensory and psychological well-being. Visiting picturesque places has been proven to reduce feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety, while providing a sense of serenity that connects one to life's simpler, more natural pleasures.

Introduction to the Sites

Cornwall, with its intoxicating landscape, iconic heritage sites and serene beaches, opens up delightful possibilities for out-of-home activities. With the help of their professional carer, elderly individuals can immerse themselves in a spectrum of experiences, including stimulating walks, intriguing conversations about history, or simply enjoying the breathtaking views. They can also enjoy these visits safely, without worrying about the practicalities or possible mobility challenges, as their carer will be by their side, ensuring a secure, enjoyable, and worth-remembering encounter. We've curated an eclectic mix of not-to-be-missed outings that combine accessibility, interest and sheer beauty, spanning across history, culture, and nature.

1. Eden Project

For the elderly with a penchant for nature and greenery, the Eden Project should be top of their list. This well-known attraction houses mesmerising indoor rainforests and is a spectacular place to explore, regardless of the weather.

A professional carer can be the perfect companion and guide on such an outing. They can assist in manoeuvring through the vast landscapes, offering physical support and ensuring peaceful enjoyment of the scenery. With their help, the less physically able can roam around the biomes or bask in the Mediterranean garden, making the most out of their outing.

2. Lost Gardens of Heligan

Often painted as a paradise regained, the Lost Gardens of Heligan is one of the most famous and popular botanical gardens in the UK. They offer a peaceful stroll in the Victorian Productive Gardens or a fascinating walk through the exotic outdoor Jungle.

Visiting with a carer who drives, such as the ones you can find on PrimeCarers, not only ensures convenient transport to and fro the gardens but also a companion who can tailor the visit to the elderly person’s stamina and interest.

3. Pencarrow House and Gardens

An attraction is not merely about the surroundings but also the stories it unfolds. Pencarrow House and Gardens, brimming with historical artefacts, provides an educational and exciting look into Cornwall's rich past. While the elderly remember and relive the old times, they can also enjoy the pleasant walk in the expansive peaceful gardens, aided by their professional carer.

4. Tintagel Castle

This iconic historical site offers spectacular views of the North Cornwall coast. Stories of King Arthur echo through the walls of this medieval fortification which can ignite intrigue or kick-start nostalgic memories.

Visiting such an ancient site with a carer allows for stress-free exploration and personalised care. Carers can ensure that the terrain is manageable, help with access and provide a stable arm to lean on, so one's mobility difficulties never override the pleasure of the outing.

5. St Ives' Bay

To conclude a fantastic day trip, nothing beats the calm of St Ives' Bay at sundown. The serene beaches, soothing to the eyes and mind, may be just the perfect place to relax after a delightful day of exploring. Here, a carer can offer unwavering support, ensuring a leisurely walk by the sea or a comfortable sit to take in the beauty of the setting sun.


Despite changes in physical ability or health, outings remain a vital piece in the puzzle of elderly happiness and overall wellbeing. The outlined attractions are just a few among the plethora of options that Cornwall offers. However, to fully enjoy these opportunities, professional and empathetic care is crucial. Thus, when choosing a carer from PrimeCarers, relevant experience, preferences and personality are considered to ensure the best match and utmost comfort during the trips.

Always remember, ageing need not curb one's thirst to explore and experience the world. On the contrary, it can be the perfect time to soak in the beauty and tranquillity that nature has to offer. With a supportive companion in the form of a private carer, the elderly can rediscover the excitement of stepping out, learning and exploring.

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