Best Outings for the Elderly in North Somerset

Map of Best Outings for the Elderly in North Somerset showing towns we provide care in
Best Outings for the Elderly in North Somerset

The best outings for the elderly in North Somerset include visits to The Bishop's Palace and Gardens, Tyntesfield and Weston Super Mare, where a carer can make the experience more enjoyable and assist with any mobility challenges.

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The Role of a Carer in Outings

Employing a carer for outings can be a significant help, particularly for elderly individuals with mobility issues. PrimeCarers provides an excellent platform to find the most suitable private carers for this purpose in North Somerset.

Carers offer physical support, ensuring that the elderly are safe during their outings. With professional help, seniors can negotiate potentially challenging terrains, such as uneven paths or steep slopes. Besides, carers can also assist with transporting mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, or canes.

Emotional support is another key role that carers play. They provide companionship, making the outings enjoyable and less lonely for seniors.

The Benefits of Outings for the Elderly

Any change from the daily routine can be beneficial for the elderly. It can stimulate their mind and senses, offering them a fresh perspective about the world around them.

Outings offer seniors the opportunity to socialise and interact with other people, which can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. It can also improve their mood and overall mental well-being.

Physical activity during outings can also promote better physical health. Even light activities such as walking can reduce heart disease, improve strength and balance, and increase life span.

Given the range of benefits of outings for seniors, let's look at some fantastic places that they can visit in North Somerset.

The Bishop's Palace and Gardens

The Bishop's Palace and Gardens in Wells, Somerset, provide a feast for the eyes and a gentle exercise for the body. The gardens are tranquil and beautiful, offering comfort and peace to visitors. The medieval palace itself whispers historic tales, offering a fantastic journey back in time. The serene moat that surrounds the palace is home to an array of wildlife, adding a touch of nature to the visit.

The paths around the garden are mostly smooth and flat, making it an ideal outing for seniors with mobility issues. A PrimeCarers personal carer could provide additional support, reassuring that the elderly can take pleasure in the garden views without any risk of slipping or tripping.


Tyntesfield, located near Wraxall, boasts of a stunning Victorian Gothic Revival house, gardens and parkland. The house showcases a vast collection of Victorian era items. The terraced garden, rose garden and the fragrant kitchen garden are soothing to the senses.

For elderly visitors who might have difficulty walking long distances, a personal carer from PrimeCarers can facilitate the visit. They can help in navigating to visitor-friendly areas like the Rose Garden, which has even surfaces, suitable for seniors.

Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare offers the opportunity for a wonderful seaside stroll for elderly individuals. It has an accessible Grand Pier, captivating Marine Lake and charming gardens. The promenade, with its smooth surface and gentle slopes, is ideal for a leisurely walk or for those using mobility aids.

A personal carer can assist with the physical aspects of the visit while also providing companionship. They can help to push wheelchairs, manage mobility aids or just offer a stable arm to lean on.

In conclusion, carers can make the experience of visiting local attractions significantly more enjoyable for seniors. Outings can help to improve the physical and mental health of the elderly, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Therefore, consider planning an outing in the beautiful North Somerset, with the help of professional care from PrimeCarers.

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