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When booking an introductory visit with a client, you should have both already discussed what is needed and when. You should have also agreed on a time and date for this visit.

Why book an introductory visit?

An introductory visit gives you and the client a chance to meet each other. Whether it is so that the client can run their own interview, or to just give the client a chance to get to know you in person, before letting you work in their home alone.

During this visit, it is a good chance to show your professionalism. That is why we suggest it may be a good chance to run a risk assessment.

We advise that you run a risk assessment either during the introductory visit, or during the first visit.

Running a risk assessment shows the client that you are professional, and also trustworthy.

Why book a visit on the platform?

After agreeing on a time for an introductory visit with a client, you should ensure that either you or the client book the visit through the platform.

This is for safeguarding reasons, and is also good practise, as future paid visits will need to be booked through the platform. Otherwise you will not be insured, and won't get paid .

How to book an introductory visit?

You can book an introductory visit from the messages page on the dashboard. You should ensure that the details on your booking, including time and date, are correct and agreed upon before booking the visit.

If a client books the visit, you MUST accept the visit if you are going. If the visit is not accepted, the client will assume that you are not arriving and therefore may not be expecting you. This again is good practise, as you will not be paid in future visits if they are not accepted.

If you do not want to accept the visit, for any reason, then you should decline it and let the client know what the problem is.