Frequently Asked Questions

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When looking for carers, you may have noticed a 5 star system. This is based on reviews given by clients such as yourself. As you probably know, a 5 star review can go a long way, and even help clients decide which carer to choose. That is why we ask that after a couple of visits, you leave a review, to help your carer find future work.

How to leave feedback

There are multiple ways to leave feedback for a carer. First of all you may already have a notification on your dashboard asking you to leave your carer some feedback.

Or you can go to one of your visits. From the visit details you will see your carer's profile picture, under that image, you will see a big blue button that says "leave carer feedback".

And the easiest way, is to simply click on the carer feedback tab in your dashboard. From there you can choose one of the carers you have contacted and leave them a review for others to see.

Why leave feedback

This feedback is not for you. This is for the carer that has been helping you. By leaving a review, not only do you show your appreciation towards your carer, but you also give them a better chance at finding more work in the future.