Frequently Asked Questions

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After having an interview with a carer, you may be happy and ready to start booking paid visits. You can book the visit straight from your dashboard in the messaging tab.

Booking a paid visit

When booking a visit, you should first make sure you and the carer have agreed on a day and time. This will save time when it comes to booking and accepting the visit. You should also check you have booked the right time, to stop any confusion between yourself and your chosen carer.

When you book a visit, it will be sent to the carer to accept. If possible, you should remind the carer to accept the visit. If you do not have any further contact with the carer, and the visit is not accepted, we would advise you to not expect the carer to show up.

If the carer does not accept the visit, but still turns up, you should let the visit continue, as the carer would not be insured.

However, we do understand that sometimes this is not an option, as you may need to be somewhere. So do make sure you contact us as soon as you can to update us on the situation. This way we can make sure the payment is made, and that the visit is recorded.

Why book a visit?

Booking the visit is important. For safeguarding purposes, if anything were to happen, we would have a record of the visit. This also helps you and the carer keep a note that a visit is upcoming, meaning you will have it in your calendar.