Frequently Asked Questions

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After talking with a carer, you may be ready to meet them in person to interview them, or simply get to know them a little. You should do this through our website so that both you and the carer are safe.

Booking an introductory visit

When booking a visit, you should first make sure you and the carer have agreed on a day and time. This will save time when it comes to booking and accepting the visit.

When booking the visit, double check that you are not accidently booking a paid visit. We wouldn't want to charge you.

When you book a visit, it will be sent to the carer to accept. If possible, you should remind the carer to accept the visit. If you do not have any further contact with the carer, and the visit is not accepted, we would advise you to not expect the carer to show up.

Why book an introductory visit?

An introductory visit gives you the chance to meet your new carer in person, before you begin to pay them to look after your loved one. You can use the booked time to get to know your new carer, or to run a proper interview.

Booking the visit is important. For safeguarding purposes, if anything were to happen, we would have a record of the visit. This also helps you and the carer keep a note that a visit is upcoming, meaning you will have it in your calendar.

Why do I need to enter by bank details?

Again, for safeguarding purposes, and to assure that you have a valid way of payment in the future, we ask that you enter your bank details.

You will enter your details using STRIPE. Entering your details in STRIPE will allow you to use our system to pay carers when you have a paid visit with them, taking away the risk of paying with cash.