Funding Home Care in Bedfordshire

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Funding Home Care in Bedfordshire

Funding home care in Bedfordshire can be done via council funding, NHS continuing care, or private funding, depending on specific circumstances and care needs.

Home Care in Bedfordshire
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Council Funding for Home Care

Securing council funding to meet care costs is a commonly pursued option for many individuals in Bedfordshire. Central Bedfordshire Council provides financial assistance to individuals who need care and support but lack the financial capacity to meet their care needs.

How Does Council Funding Work?

Eligibility for council funding is based on a two-stage process involving a needs assessment and a means test.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment determines the level and type of care a person requires. This involves a Council official evaluating the person’s physical health, mental health, and general safety among other things. From this, they'll identify what kind of support is needed, which might include home care services, assisted living, or nursing home care.

After the needs assessment, if the Council finds that the person’s need for care meets the national eligibility threshold, they'll proceed to the second stage, which is the means test.

Further information about needs assessment can be found in this Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding.

Financial Means Test

This is used to determine a person's financial capacity to contribute to their care costs. In England, the financial threshold is £23,250. Individuals with assets below this threshold are eligible for council funding to cover their care expenses.

People with assets between £14,250 and £23,250 will contribute to their care, while those with assets below £14,250 won't pay anything apart from their income.

If you're looking to understand the Cost of Home Care in Bedfordshire, PrimeCarers provides an easy-to-understand guide.

First Steps for Securing Council Funding

The first step to securing council funding in Bedfordshire is reaching out to Central Bedfordshire Council or or the relevant local authority for a needs assessment. The local authority will guide you through the process, including the application, assessment, and provisioning of the necessary support if you're eligible.

Where the local authority rules that an individual’s needs aren’t severe enough for home care, they'll provide guidance on other services or actions to take.

It's important to contact the Central Bedfordshire Council promptly, as securing council funding can take time. It's equally important to ensure the provision of correct and detailed information during the needs and financial means assessment, to ensure appropriate support.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS continuing healthcare is another source of funding for home care services. This funding applies to individuals with specific care needs that are classed as a 'primary health need'.

How Does NHS Continuing Healthcare Work?

NHS continuing healthcare is free and provided by the NHS to individuals who have significant ongoing healthcare needs. This funding can be used to pay for the entire cost of care and support or for certain elements such as personal care and healthcare needs.

If found eligible, the NHS will fully fund the patient’s care costs, and this won't be subject to means-testing, unlike council funding.

Further details on NHS continuing healthcare can be found on the Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton Integrated Commissioning Board's page. Or learn more about how this type of funding works in detail at Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

First Steps for Securing NHS Continuing Healthcare

The first step towards securing NHS continuing healthcare funding is to have a healthcare professional carry out an initial assessment known as a Checklist Assessment. This is to determine if the individual’s health needs meet the criteria for full assessment of NHS continuing healthcare.

Upon passing this initial stage, a team of health and social care professionals, known as a multidisciplinary team (MDT), will carry out a full assessment using a Decision Support Tool (DST). If they conclude that the person has a 'primary health need', then NHS continuing healthcare is granted.

Private Funding

Private funding is another way to pay for home care in Bedfordshire. This might be a necessary option for individuals who aren't eligible for council funding or NHS continuing healthcare.

How Does Private Funding Work?

Private funding involves using personal financial resources to pay for home care services. These personal financial resources might include pensions, savings, income from property and investments, or even financial support from family members.

In addition to this, some individuals invest in care fees annuities, which are a form of insurance where you pay a lump sum to an insurance company and they in turn pay for your care for an agreed period, even for life.

For people considering this route, it's necessary to understand the Cost of Home Care in Bedfordshire.

The Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care provides more insight into private funding, guiding people on how best to manage their finances to fund their care needs in the time to come.

Steps to Take When Considering Private Funding

Before resorting to private funding, it's crucial to seek professional financial advice. This is because care costs can be high and long-term, and you'll want to ensure the sustainable funding of care needs. Financial advisors can guide individuals on the most suitable options for them while taking into account their financial resources, state of health, and care preferences.

Home Care Options in Bedfordshire

After exploring the funding options, it's also key to consider the various types of home care services available in Bedfordshire. These include live-in care, hourly care and respite care options. Explore these services further by visiting Types of Home Care Available in Bedfordshire. Remember that the right choice of care service significantly contributes to your well-being and quality of life; this choice should be aligned with your specific needs and lifestyle.


Funding home care in Bedfordshire isn't a one-size-fits-all process and it often involves a thorough exploration of various options including council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding. Each of these carries its eligibility criteria and processes. Navigating these options might be demanding but with the correct guidance and approach, individuals can secure the appropriate support needed for their care. Whether it’s council funding, NHS or private funding, the goal is to ensure that everyone receives the necessary care and leading the best quality of life possible. For more advice on home care in Bedfordshire, visit PrimeCarers.

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