Funding Home Care in Brighton and Hove

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Funding Home Care in Brighton and Hove

Funding home care in Brighton and Hove can be achieved through various routes including council funding, NHS continuing care, and private funding.

Home Care in Brighton and Hove
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Council Funding for Home Care

Council funding, also known as local authority funding, is one of the primary sources of funding for home care. If you live in Brighton and Hove, you can access this service through the Brighton and Hove local authority website.

How does Council Funding Work?

Council funding for home care works on a means-tested basis. A decision regarding the level of funding you receive is made subject to an assessment of your care needs and financial situation.

Steps to Access Council Funding

To access council funding, the first step is to contact the Brighton and Hove local authority and request a Care Needs Assessment. This assessment evaluates your daily living requirements and what support you might need at home. If you qualify for council funding following this assessment, you can then receive financial support, subject to a financial evaluation to determine your ability to contribute to the cost of home care.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

The NHS provides a form of funding known as NHS Continuing Healthcare. If you are eligible, this funding can fully cover the expenses for your home care.

How Does NHS Continuing Healthcare Work?

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care given to individuals aged 18 or older who have been assessed as having a primary health need. This means that your primary need for care must relate to your health. Applications are considered and granted by Sussex and East Surrey integrated commissioning board (ICS).

Steps to Access NHS Continuing Healthcare

To start the process of applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you should first contact a healthcare professional such as your GP or social worker. They can then initiate the assessment process, which involves completing a Checklist tool to see if you are eligible for a full Continuing Healthcare assessment. If you successfully pass this stage, you’ll then receive a more comprehensive assessment of your needs.

Private Funding for Home Care

Private funding is the third form of home care funding available to residents of Brighton and Hove. This option applies to people who prefer to pay for their own care or those who might not be eligible for other forms of financial assistance.

How Does Private Funding Work?

If you opt to privately fund your home care, this implies that you will bear the cost of the care yourself. You would pay directly to your chosen care provider. The cost will depend on the type of care required, which can be live-in care, hourly care, or respite care, and the cost of home care in Brighton and Hove.

Steps to Access Private Funding

To start the process of private funding, you will need to find a suitable home care provider who can meet your care requirements. PrimeCarers is a trusted platform where you can find home care services in Brighton and Hove. After contacting and discussing the care plan with your chosen home care provider, you will begin paying for the care services directly.

In conclusion, funding home care can be achieved in Brighton and Hove through council funding, NHS continuing care, or private funding. Each method has its own procedures for approval. While it can be daunting to navigate these processes, knowing the right steps to take can make the path to funding your home care services much clearer. It’s immensely important to remember that regardless of the funding options available, receiving the right and suitable home care tailored to your needs should be at the fore of every decision made.

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