Funding Home Care in Croydon

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Funding Home Care in Croydon

Funding home care in Croydon can be achieved through council funding, NHS continuing care and private funding; and this guide will aid you in understanding each available option and the initial steps to obtain the needed support.

Home Care in Croydon
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Understanding the Types of Home Care

In Croydon, like in most parts of the UK, you'll encounter multiple forms of home care, which you can explore further at The types include live-in care, hourly care, and respite care. Understanding your specific needs and the type of care suited to your unique situation lays the foundation to securing appropriate funding.

Live-In Care

This involves having a carer live in the same residence with the person needing care. It is ideal for individuals who need constant assistance or companionship.

Hourly Care

Involves the carer visiting the cared-for person for a couple of hours daily or weekly. This option works for those who can manage independently most of the time but need aid with certain tasks.

Respite Care

This is temporary care usually sought when the regular carer needs a break. Respite care can range from a few hours to several weeks.

After highlighting your home care needs, the next step involves determining how to fund the service.

Home Care Funding Options in Croydon

The three primary sources of funding for home care in Croydon are council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding.

Council Funding for Home Care

Council funding can be obtained through the Croydon local authority. It often depends on your financial situation and the level of care required.

How to Obtain Council Funding

  1. Assessment: The first step towards getting council funding involves undergoing a needs assessment. This is performed by a professional from the local council who evaluates the level of assistance required. You can request this assessment from the Croydon Local Authority.

  2. Financial Assessment: If your needs qualify for assistance, a financial assessment will be done to discern if you are eligible for financial aid.

  3. Care and Support Plan: If both assessments prove successful, a care and support plan outlining the aid to be provided will be generated.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care arranged and funded by the NHS. It is meant for individuals with long-term, complex health needs. The South West London Integrated Commissioning Board oversees applications and assessments in the Croydon region.

How to Obtain NHS Continuing Healthcare

  1. Initial Assessment: It's done by a health or social care professional to establish if you need full assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

  2. Full Assessment: If you qualify for a full assessment, a team of professionals, including a representative from the ICB, will carry it out.

Private Funding for Home Care

Private funding is an option for those who don't qualify for council funding or NHS Continuing Healthcare, or those who prefer independent control and flexibility over their care choice.

You can find detailed information about the cost of private funded care in Croydon here. However, keep in mind that costs can vary, and it's always best to communicate directly with care providers.

To move forward with self-funding, consider the following steps:

  1. Determine Services: Determine the services you need and find a suitable care provider. PrimeCarers has a list of vetted home carers in Croydon.

  2. Consult with Providers: Consult with several providers to compare costs and services before making a decision.

  3. Contract: Once you've settled on a provider, contract with them and begin receiving care.


Accessing reliable, high-quality home care in Croydon can significantly improve quality of life. Determining the nature of care required and understanding the funding options available are critical steps towards securing that necessary care. So whether you’re seeking council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, or plan to self-fund your care, there are comprehensive resources available to guide you through each process. Be sure to review PrimeCarers' complete guides on local authority funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare and self-funding for comprehensive information on each funding route.

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