Cost of Home Care in Cumbria

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Cost of Home Care in Cumbria

The average costs for basic home care in Cumbria are approximately £17.03 per hour for hourly care and £146.60 per day for live-in care. Prices can vary based on the carers' expertise, and requirements of the recipient.

Home Care in Cumbria
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Analysing Home Care Services

Home Care is a personalised service, tailored to suit the diverse needs of the individual and their families. It ranges from hourly care, where a carer visits the client's home for a few hours per day or week, to 24-hour live-in care, where the carer resides with the client, offering constant support. The prices for these services depend on various factors, which include the type of care needed, the carer's experience level, and any specific skills required.

In Cumbria, you can find diverse home care services provided by self-employed carers on PrimeCarers. These carers set their own rates, contributing to price variability within the region.

Average Price of Hourly and Live-in Care in Cumbria

On average, basic hourly care in Cumbria is advertised at around £17.03 per hour. This form of care typically involves support such as companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal care, and medication prompting. However, as the carers on PrimeCarers are self-employed, the rates may be higher or lower depending on the carer's qualifications, experience, and any specific client requirements.

In terms of live-in care in Cumbria, the average advertised cost is nearly £146.60 per day. Live-in care is a more comprehensive package, ideal for individuals who require round-the-clock attention or those whose family members live far away or are unable to offer dedicated care. Keep in mind that this rate is an average, and the actual cost could be lower or higher depending on the carer's experience and specific tasks needed.

Price Variability Factors

Certain factors can cause the price of home care in Cumbria to fluctuate. Here are a few examples:

Additional Skills or Experiences

Carers with particular skills and experiences often charge more for their services. Examples of these attributes include having a driving license, owning a car, having experience with stoma or catheter management, and being capable of caring for couples. A carer with gourmet cooking skills might also charge more if meal preparation is required as part of their job.

Requirements of the Role

The nature of the care needed will also influence the cost. For instance, if a couple requires home care, a live-in carer would generally work an additional 2-4 hours daily. This increased workload is reflected in the pricing.

Overnight Care

While the cost of overnight care is usually calculated on an hourly basis, it may be priced lower if the carer is afforded the chance to sleep throughout the night.

The Credibility of Carers

Rest assured that all the carers listed on PrimeCarers have undergone thorough vetting, including the sanction of Enhanced DBS certificates, identity verifications, rights to work checks, and an exhaustive professional carer interview carried out by our team. This Endeavour ensures that families secure peace of mind, knowing the caregiver looking after their loved one is qualified and trustworthy.


The cost of home care in Cumbria depends heavily on specific care requirements, the carer's experience, skills, and the actual hours worked. Although the average advertised prices for home care services in Cumbria are provided, it's crucial to understand that these figures could vary. PrimeCarers offers an accessible platform where families can find reliable, vetted caregivers who match their needs and budget. For those interested in finding out more about the types of care available or diving deeper into the specifics of home care costs, PrimeCarers provides valuable resources. You can also explore further on some of the best carers in the region, types of home care, or even securing live-in carers to look after couples.

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