Cost of Home Care in Darlington

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Cost of Home Care in Darlington

In Darlington, the average cost of home care is roughly £17.01 per hour for hourly care, and approximately £145.69 per day for live-in care.

Home Care in Darlington
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Understanding the Cost of Home Care in Darlington

Navigating the care landscape can be complicated, particularly when it comes to understanding the various costs involved. With significant variations in prices depending on your individual needs and the specific care services required, it's important to have a clear understanding of what to expect when budgeting for home care in Darlington.

Determining the Type of Care Required

Hourly Care

Hourly care equates to having a professional carer attend to your needs for certain hours of the day. The average cost of basic hourly care in Darlington sits at around £17.01 per hour. However, the final cost can fluctuate depending on various factors including the complexity of care required and additional skills or attributes the carer possesses.

Keep in mind that with hourly care, the carer is committed to working full-time during the hours you pay for. This implies that whatever the needs, they are always at hand to offer assistance and care during these specified hours.

Overnight Care

Generally, overnight care's cost is also calculated by the hour. Still, it might come out less expensive than the regular hourly rate considering there are opportunities for the carer to sleep during the night. So, if extra care and attention are required during the twilight hours, overnight care is a perfect option.

Live-in Care

Live-in care indicates a carer residing in your home to provide round-the-clock care. The average advertised price for live-in care in Darlington is typically around £145.69 a day, but this price can also vary greatly.

Factors such as whether they are needed to care for a couple or if they possess additional specified skills can drive these costs up. For instance, live-in care could demand an additional 2 - 4 hours of work per day when caring for a couple resulting in higher overall cost.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Home Care

There are various factors to take into account when considering the cost of home care:

  • Experience: A carer with more years of experience or specialized training in handling certain medical conditions may charge more for their services.
  • Special skills or requirements: If you require a carer with certain specific attributes like driving skills, owned vehicle, or cooking skills, it could impact the overall cost. Similarly, care for those with particular medical requirements such as stoma or catheter experience may require a higher rate.
  • Care for couples: A carer who's comfortable caring for couples may charge a higher rate due to the additional work involved.

Remember, each carer on the PrimeCarers platform is self-employed, which means they set their own rates. The costs we're discussing here are therefore average levels, and actual costs may vary.

Quality and Safety with PrimeCarers

While finding the right carer for a loved one, or for yourself, can be a daunting task, it's important to remember that every carer on the PrimeCarers platform has been thoroughly vetted. This includes an Enhanced DBS certificate, an ID check, and confirmation of their Right to Work. On top of this, each potential carer is subjected to a professional carer interview conducted by PrimeCarers' team to ensure they meet high standards of care and professionalism. So, you can be assured of the quality and safety of choosing a carer from PrimeCarers.


Understanding the costs involved in home care is of utmost importance when budgeting and planning for future care services. In Darlington, the average costs for home care lie in the ranges of £17.01 per hour for hourly care and roughly £145.69 per day for live-in care. Remember, these costs can be influenced by multiple factors, and every carer on the PrimeCarers platform sets their unique rates. But, rest assured, PrimeCarers has your comfort and safety at the heart of their service with each carer carefully vetted before they make it to the platform.

For more info on home care services in Darlington, you can check the Best Home Carers in Darlington and if you're contemplating whether live-in carers can look after couples, read more on Can Live-in Carers Look After Couples?. To get a complete understanding of available services, check out the Complete Guide to Home Care.

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