Best Home Carers in Durham

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Best Home Carers in Durham

The best home carers in Durham can be found on PrimeCarers' platform, such as Mariana I, Sonia I, and Oluwatope A.

Home Care in Durham
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Mariana I: Exceptional, Compassionate Care

Understanding Mariana

Mariana I is a 23-year-old mother who has been in care since 2019. The dedication and effort she puts into her work stem from her love of helping others.

With a diverse client base ranging from young adults and children to the elderly, Mariana exhibits a comprehensive caregiving approach. Her caring journey includes experiences in hospitals and care homes, supported accommodation, live-in care, hospice, and mental health contexts.


The scope of Mariana's work involves patient interaction, routine assisting, and care quality assurance, fighting infection, restroom assistance, feeding, and overall patient satisfaction. Furthermore, she showcases her skills in communicating patient information, thereby synchronising care efforts among interdisciplinary care teams.

Mariana's Unwavering Care Ethic

Her approach towards her clients is always centered around enhancing their quality of life. She does not hesitate to go the extra mile, even indulging in simple, relaxing activities such as watching TV with her clients.

Moreover, Mariana is currently studying health and social care level 2 and aspires to advance her qualification by enrolling in a general nursing program at the university. As part of PrimeCarers' stringent vetting process, Mariana has met all requirements, including an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, an ID check, the right to work in the UK, and a thorough professional interview.

Sonia I: Empathy Personified

Understanding Sonia

Sonia I is a respectful individual, wife, and mother who is passionate about her job as a carer.

For over 11 years, Sonia has dedicated herself to making her clients' lives better. Her client base includes dementia patients, vulnerable adults and children, Alzheimer's patients, and those with learning disabilities.


Sonia goes above and beyond just caring for her clients. She makes it a point to listen, understand, and interact with them, garnering wisdom and life lessons in return.

Sonia's Heartening Approach

She is well-versed in offering medication assistance, catheter care, colostomy bag care, and bedsore care. Apart from this, she is skilled in various facets of moving and handling, which are essential for the physical well-being of care recipients.

Sonia is sensitive about her clients' dignity. As a caring professional, her goal is to ensure they are happy and comfortable. She has surpassed PrimeCarers' meticulous vetting process, reflecting her abilities and making her a trustworthy care provider.

Oluwatope A: A well-rounded Carer

Understanding Oluwatope

Oluwatope A, is an experienced carer whose versatility is accentuated by her well-rounded skills.

As part of her multifaceted care routine, Oluwatope provides personal care, documents and observes client conditions, implements infection prevention practices, and assists clients with daily living activities.


Above all, her approach is marked by her ability to create a safe space for her clients, watching over them during challenging times.

Oluwatope's Resolute Commitment

With each client interaction, Oluwatope reveals a clear picture of someone who genuinely cares. She uses her position to plan nutritious meals, keep clients mentally stimulated with organised activities, and even accompanies them to medical appointments.

While dementia is a common ailment among the elderly, Oluwatope's skill at handling such clients is commendable. She manages these situations with grace, patience, and compassion, making her a reliable care professional.

PrimeCarers has underlined her competence through stringent vetting processes, instilling confidence in potential clients about her proficiency.

Wrapping Up: The PrimeCarers Difference

PrimeCarers aims to provide the best care possible, sourced from a selection of well-qualified, compassionate, and dedicated professionals like Mariana I, Sonia I, and Oluwatope A.

Understanding the cost of home care in Durham, the types of home care available, and even glancing through the complete guide to home care, can help you make an informed choice.

Connecting carers and those who need them most, PrimeCarers makes the journey a little bit easier for everyone. Making lives better, one care-filled gesture at a time.

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