Funding Home Care in East Sussex

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Funding Home Care in East Sussex

Sourcing and funding home care in East Sussex can be approached through council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding.

Home Care in East Sussex
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Council Funding in East Sussex for Home Care

When it comes to funding home care, the local council or local authority can be a key source of support.

Understanding Council Funding

Council funding is typically awarded based on the need and financial capacity of the individual seeking care. This involves a Care Needs Assessment, which determines the level and type of care required, and a Financial Assessment, which considers the person's income and savings to assess their ability to contribute towards care costs.

Applying for Council Funding

To initiate the process with East Sussex County Council, the first step would be to contact the council to request a Care Needs Assessment. On completion of the assessments, if the individual qualifies, their care package will either be partially or wholly funded by the council.

Council Funding for Different Types of Home Care

By evaluating the needs and financial situation of the individual, the council determines the most appropriate type of care, which could be live-in care, hourly care, or respite care. Depending on the council's evaluation, it will fund necessary care services within the range of what the council would expect to pay for someone with your level of needs.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding in East Sussex

Another option for funding is NHS continuing healthcare, which is a package of ongoing care arranged and funded entirely by the NHS.

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS continuing healthcare is primarily for those with complex medical needs that are health-based rather than social. This kind of funding can fully cover the cost of home care, including the charges for health professionals and services alongside personal care.

Applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare

To apply, an initial checklist assessment is carried out by a healthcare or social care professional. If this indicates potential eligibility, a full assessment is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team. It is the Integrated Commissioning Boards (ICBs) that assess a person's need for ongoing care. For those in East Sussex, this is the Sussex and East Surrey Integrated Commissioning Board.

NHS Continuing Healthcare for Different Types of Home Care

If NHS continuing healthcare is approved, a care package suited to the individual's needs is established. This can cover various types of home care as determined by experts, whether that be live-in care, hourly care, or respite care.

Private Funding for Home Care in East Sussex

Finally, private funding is an option for those who do not qualify for council assistance or NHS continuing healthcare.

What is Private Funding for Home Care?

Private funding is the process of directly paying for your home care services, usually from savings, pensions, or through the sale of assets.

How To Use Private Funding for Home Care

To privately fund your care, you'd identify the type of care needed through self-assessment or professional consultation, then employ a home care agency or private carer. PrimeCarers offers a range of quality home care services to help you find the best solution in East Sussex, whether you're seeking live-in care, hourly care, or respite care.

When to Consider Private Funding for Home Care

Private funding is often used by those who don't qualify for sufficient funding from the council or NHS, or by those who prefer more flexibility and personal choice in their care arrangements.


Understanding the vast landscape of care funding allows you to move forward with confidence in your home care journey. Whether it's through the local council, a NHS funding scheme, or private funding, there are multiple avenues to explore when securing care in East Sussex. Take the time to understand your needs and assess your options, ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

Remember, support is available through PrimeCarers and local authorities in exploring these opportunities. Secure the necessary care for yourself or your loved ones, making certain that every need is met accordingly within the beautiful East Sussex area.

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