Best Home Carers in Gwynedd

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Best Home Carers in Gwynedd

Finding the best home carers in Gwynedd is achievable with PrimeCarers, thanks to their rigorous vetting process, which includes checks for an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, ID, the right to work in the UK, and a professional interview.

Home Care in Gwynedd
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About PrimeCarers

PrimeCarers connects those in need of care with professional, keen, and compassionate caregivers who are looking to make a difference. This platform encompasses a sizeable network of trusted home carers in Gwynedd. Here, we bring forward three of the best caregivers in the region based on their experience, skills, qualifications, and reviews.

Mariana I


Mariana I is a young, dedicated carer with varied experience in the field since 2019. Her work encompasses care homes, hospitals, live-in care, and mental health support. She carries a gentle energy to her work, as seen in her interactive approach with her clients.

Profile and Experience

A 23-year-old mother, Mariana is easy going, and her everyday life juggling work, studies, and personal responsibilities endows her with a unique understanding of care. She has worked with children, young adults, and the elderly, allowing her to adapt to a spectrum of needs effortlessly.

Mariana's strong sense of duty to her clients manifests in her routine with them. Regular conversation, promoting autonomy while assisting with daily chores, close monitoring of patient health, offering quality personal care while ensuring respect and sensitivity, and safeguarding all from infection by diligently maintaining cleanliness are components of her commitment to her role.

Skills and Qualifications

Mariana’s health and social care level 2 qualification underpins her practical experience. She plans to study general nursing at university, further reinforcing her dedication to her profession.

Sylwia B


Sylwia B brings her impeccable communication skills and extensive experience with people of varying needs to the table.

Profile and Experience

Sylwia is a friendly, self-motivated, energetic, and mature carer. She demonstrates an unwavering resolve in the face of challenges, applying her vast experience working with elderly patients and young people. She has significantly dealt with patients with spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, and other complex care needs, making her well-versed in handling acute care situations.

Skills and Qualifications

Being a decisive problem-solver, Sylwia is highly adaptive and able to think on her feet. She is highly motivated by personal goals, and her enthusiasm for achieving them is reflected in her caregiving style.

Jean K


Jean K brings his personal experience of caregiving into his role, which makes him stand out as an empathetic and patient carer.

Profile and Experience

Jean is an experienced carer who prioritizes patience and empathy in his work. As someone who began his caregiving journey looking after his daughter with sickle-cell disease, he embodies reliability, respectfulness, and observance in his role. With 5 years into his caring career, he believes in working at his clients' pace to make them comfortable in their homes.

Having made a significant transition from being an accountant to a carer, Jean enjoys his current role and further expresses his compassionate and caring side through community services, including youth activities at his local church.

Skills and Qualifications

With his experience in personal grooming, Jean lends a helping hand to clients in maintaining their hygiene, toileting, eating, and cooking. He possesses a full, clean driving license and provides administrative support. An added feather to his cap is his cooking skills, wherein he loves experimenting with new recipes.


Regardless of the type of home care you need, PrimeCarers sources the best, well-qualified, experienced, and vetted caregivers to ensure you or your loved one is well taken care of in the comfort of your own home. Each one brings their unique skills, experiences, and personalities to their work, making each care provided by PrimeCarers a personalised and pleasant experience.

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