Funding Home Care in Herefordshire

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Funding Home Care in Herefordshire

It's completely possible to secure funding for home care in Herefordshire through local council funding, NHS Continuing Care and private funding.

Home Care in Herefordshire
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Introduction to Home Care in Herefordshire

Home care services in Herefordshire can include everything from personal care to house cleaning, medication support to companionship. The types of care available can range from hourly care to live-in care or even respite care Types of Home Care Available in Herefordshire. The key to obtaining these essential services is understanding the funding options available.

Local Council Funding

How it Works

If you're unable to cover the cost of home care privately, the Herefordshire local authority may be able to provide financial support. To explore this path, begin by having a care assessment conducted by the council's social care department.

First Steps

Start by reaching out to the Herefordshire local authority to request a care assessment. They'll examine the person's care needs and financial circumstances to determine eligibility for council assistance Herefordshire Local Authority.

If found eligible, a care plan will be drawn up, setting out what services the council will fund. To explore more about local authority funding and understand the broader context, you can review the Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding.

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

How it Works

NHS Continuing Healthcare offers another potential route for funding home care when an individual’s need is health-based rather than related to social care. This funding is provided by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Commissioning Board.

First Steps

The first step towards obtaining NHS CHC is to have a CHC checklist completed by a health or social care professional. This checklist will gauge if the individual warrants a full assessment for the NHS CHC Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Commissioning Board.

If this assessment reveals a 'primary health need,' the patient may be eligible for CHC and receive full funding for their care. For a comprehensive understanding of this funding source, please see the Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Private Funding

How it Works

Paying for care costs privately is known as self-funding, a popular choice when individuals do not qualify for council or NHS funding. The person in need of care, or their family, will bear the full cost of the care services.

First Steps

Begin by understanding the cost of home care in Herefordshire, consider the various services required, and the hours of attendance necessary to meet those needs. The total cost can vary significantly, so careful financial management should be factored into this decision Cost of Home Care in Herefordshire.

For a thorough understanding of self-funding care and how it works in more detail, please refer to the Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care.


Deciding on the right type of care and finding a way to fund it can be a daunting process. There is help available, and by understanding the avenues of funding available, the steps to access the funds, and the types of care they can be used for, we hope this article helps those in need of support navigate their way to the right solution.

Whether exploring local authority funding, applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare, or choosing to self-fund, remember that the aim is the same: securing appropriate care to maintain the highest possible quality of life for those in need of home care in Herefordshire.

If you're seeking a care service provider in Herefordshire, check out PrimeCarers to find reliable, experienced professionals who can help meet your specific care needs Find Home Care in Herefordshire.

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