Cost of Home Care in the Highlands

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Cost of Home Care in the Highlands

Home care, a burgeoning industry in Scotland's Highlands region, presents an average cost of £0.00 per hour for basic care, while the live-in care equivalent is relatively cheaper at £0.00 per day on average.

Home Care in the Highlands
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Hourly Home Care Costs

Base Rate

Considering the complexity of care patients require, the rates for an hour of regular care in comfort of your own home delivered by one of our experienced carers in the Highlands range significantly. The average though, as mentioned earlier, stands at approximately £0.00.

Factors Influencing Hourly Care Costs

Certain skills or experience may increase the cost of hourly care due to the increased level of expertise required. This can include professional skills such as caring for complex health needs including stoma or catheter management, or personal attributes like having a driving license, owning a car or possessing advanced cooking skills. Having these additional abilities allows the carer to provide a broader range of services and hence, justifiably higher fees.

Live-In Care Costs

Basis of Calculation

Live-in care, where the carer resides with the care recipient, involves a different pricing structure. Instead of an hourly rate, carers generally offer a daily or weekly rate. Currently, the average daily rate observed for basic live-in care in Highlands is £0.00.

Variabilities in Live-In Care Costs

Variabilities of a live-in caregiver's cost kick in if the caregiver is tending to a couple instead of an individual. On average, the carer is expected to work an additional 2-4 hours a day, leading to a probable higher quote for the service. This is only fair, given the additional time and effort required when caring for two people instead of one.

Conversely, unlike hourly care where the caregiver is paid for all hours worked, a live-in caregiver's working hours might include some downtime due to the nature of their job. This is in turn factored into their overall daily rate.

What is Included?

After understanding cost of home care, it's important to understand that every carer listed on the PrimeCarers platform is self-employed and prices their services accordingly. Further, before being allowed to offer their services through the platform, every carer is thoroughly vetted by PrimeCarers, which includes Enhanced DBS certificates and fully validating their ID and Right to Work. A comprehensive professional interview is also conducted by our experienced team.


When considering home care, it's crucial to understand the costs involved thoroughly. Knowledge of how carers decide their pricing and what specific services are included in these prices helps to make an informed decision.

Whether considering hourly or live-in care, take time to understand the needs of the care recipient and match them with the appropriate caregiver. At PrimeCarers, we aim to bridge this gap, offering a thoroughly vetted list of qualified caregivers, allowing you and your loved ones to find the perfect match within your budget, in the comfort of your home.

Understanding the specific needs and identifying their cost implications play a crucial role in choosing the perfect carer. For example, a carer might have certain additional skills including caring for couples. Finding a qualified, caring and cost-effective caregiver might seem daunting at first, but resources such as PrimeCarers' comprehensive list of registered caregivers and in-depth guides on various types of home care help make this process more manageable.

When navigating the cost of home care, remember that ultimately, the highest priority is the comfort, safety and well-being of the care recipient. Enlisting the help of a home care provider is an investment in their quality of life; it is crucial to find a service that offers the necessary care within your budget.

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