Cost of Home Care on the Isle of Wight

Map of Cost of Home Care on the Isle of Wight showing towns we provide care in
Cost of Home Care on the Isle of Wight

The cost of home care on the Isle of Wight averages at £15.03 per hour for hourly care, and £151.58 per day for live-in care.

Home Care on the Isle of Wight
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Unpacking the Cost of Home Care

Home care is a preferred choice for many when it comes to addressing the needs of ageing, illness, or recovery. Let's explore more in-depth why it is important to understand the cost of home care in ensuring that you can receive the best possible care that you or your loved ones need.

Understanding the Cost of Care

All carers on the PrimeCarers platform are self-employed. It means they have the freedom to set their own rates. Thus, prices for home care can vary significantly. The overall cost may be influenced by the number of hours the care is performed, the type and extent of care provided, and if specialist skills or experience are required.

The average prices provided above (£15.03/hr for hourly care and £151.58/day for live-in care) are an aggregate of the advertised rates for carers on the Isle of Wight. Bear in mind that these are averages, thus the actual costs may vary.

Factors Influencing the Costs

A range of factors can affect the cost of care, especially if the carer possesses specific skills or experience. Some features that might increase the cost of a carer could include possessing a driving licence, owning their own car, having experience with special medical devices such as stomas or catheters, being willing to care for couples, or having cooking skills.

Types of Care and Associated Costs

There are several types of home care available on the Isle of Wight. The cost varies depending on whether you need hourly care, live-in care, overnight care, or care tailored to couples. Let's take a closer look at each.

Hourly Care

Hourly care is precisely what it sounds like – a carer charging by the hour. For this kind of care, you could expect to pay an average rate of £15.03 per hour. However, this rate can vary, primarily if the carer possesses unique skill sets. One of the advantages of hourly care is that the carer is always present and work-ready throughout the hired hours.

Overnight Care

Overnight care typically involves a carer being on-duty through the night, sleeping onsite and available for any assistance required. The hourly rates for overnight care might be lower than general hourly care, as there would be opportunities to sleep during the night.

Live-in Care

In live-in care, a carer resides at their client's home to provide round-the-clock care as needed. The average live-in care price on the Isle of Wight is approximately £151.58 per day. Live-in care might entail higher variability in cost because the number of caring hours can significantly vary based on the kind of service needed. For instance, a live-in carer might expect to work an additional two to four hours per day when caring for a couple.

Care for Couples

Specific carers are willing to care for couples, reflecting a higher level of responsibility and hence, may entail extra costs. They may expect to work more hours per day and provide a broader range of services.

Ensuring Quality Care

Choosing a carer through PrimeCarers ensures that you get high-quality, vetted carers. We conduct scrupulous checks on all the carers on our platform, including an Enhanced DBS checks, ID verification, Right to Work checks, and professional carer interviews conducted by our experienced team.

We hope that this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of the costs associated with home care services on the Isle of Wight. Remember, the care needed is unique to each individual, so take the time to explore your choices and find the one that best suits your needs.

Moreover, you can explore other articles like Best Home Carers on the Isle of Wight and additional resources like the Complete Guide to Home Care to gather more information. Be sure to consider costs alongside the quality of care, the services provided, and the match between the carer's skills and your needs or those of your loved one.

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