Cost of Home Care in Leicester

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Cost of Home Care in Leicester

Home care expenses in Leicester vary greatly, with the average advertised cost for basic live-in care at £147.94/day and £17.29/hour for hourly care. Let's delve into a detailed analysis of the cost landscape.

Home Care in Leicester
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The Price Spectrum for Home Care

Impacting factors can take the prices up or down. The crucial factors can be having a driving license, owning a car, experience with health equipment such as stomas or catheters, ability to cater to couples, or possessing particular cooking skills.

Hourly Care Costs

Hourly care is precise, with the caregiver working for the specific number of hours they are paid, removing the need for variable considerations. This approach is ideal for those who require assistance for a few hours a day but can handle certain tasks independently. It is less intrusive and can be more cost-effective when only a few hours of service are needed daily.

Live-in Care

Daily live-in care usually has a higher price variation as the number of care hours can differ based on the nature of the work. A live-in carer might expect to expend an additional 2-4 hours a day when taking care of a couple. Despite the variability, the upside is that continual care provides maximum comfort and safety for the elderly or those with specific health conditions.

Choosing Live-in or Hourly Care

Deciding between hourly and live-in care depends on the individual's degree of need. For some, having a carer available around the clock may be necessary, especially if there is a risk of accidents or emergencies. On the opposite side, others may only require help with certain activities such as shopping, cleaning, or medication administration, making hourly care more suitable.

Hiring a Quality Home Carer

It is important to mention that while all the carers employed via PrimeCarers are self-employed, they have been thoroughly vetted. Before their services are available for hire, they are required to submit an enhanced DBS certificate, provide proof of identity, and provide evidence of their right to work in the UK. In addition, each prospective carer must pass a professional interview conducted by the PrimeCarers team. This ensures that only qualified and trustworthy individuals are offered to those seeking care services.

Cost Efficiency of Home Care

Choosing home care not only suits the comfort of being at home but can also be a cost-efficient choice compared to care homes or nursing homes. It allows the individual to maintain their current lifestyle and routines, reducing the emotional strain that might come from moving into a new environment.

Factors Affecting Home Care Costs

Prices for home care services are influenced by various factors such as the level of experience of the carer, the kind of care required, the complexity of the care tasks, and any specialist training or qualifications that may be required for the job.

Specialised care that requires specific skills or specialist training tends to cost more. This includes caring for individuals with dementia or other neurological disorders, requiring the use of specific medical equipment, or providing end-of-life care.


In conclusion, home care costs in Leicester can vary significantly depending on the type of care required and the specific needs of the individual.

To make the right decision about home care, it is important to carefully evaluate the needs and daily routines of the individual requiring care. This will help establish a clear picture of which form of care is most suitable.

Choosing the right type of home care can have significant benefits, allowing the individual to maintain their independence and comfort, while still receiving the support they need.

At PrimeCarers, we strive to help you find the right caregiver who can provide professional, personalised care for your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking hourly or live-in care, we have a wide range of caregivers available, all fully vetted and dedicated to providing the highest levels of care.

Remember, making the right choice about home care is not just about cost – it's about finding the right caregiver who can provide the level of support needed to maintain independence, safety, and quality of life.

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