Funding Home Care in London

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Funding Home Care in London

Funding home care in London can be attained through council funding, NHS continuing care, or private funding, with each having different eligibility criteria and procedures.

Home Care in London
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Council Funding for Home Care in London

Council funding, provided by the London local authority, is a crucial source of funding for home care services. The applicability of this funding depends on your financial circumstances and care needs.

Understanding the Financial Assessment

Before qualification is established for council funding, a financial assessment or 'means test' is conducted. This test takes into account your income, capital, and savings, excluding the value of your main home if you or your partner live there. The London Council is the perfect point of contact for more detailed information on financial assessment.

The Care Needs Assessment

Along with a financial assessment, your local council will conduct a 'needs assessment' to understand the level of care you require. The exact nature of this assessment can vary, but typically it will involve discussions with you and, potentially, those close to you regarding your care needs and goals.

Applying for Council Funding

To apply for council funding, you'll first need to contact your local council. They will then arrange for the aforementioned assessments.

NHS Continuing Health Care

In some cases, the NHS may cover the cost of your home care in London through a scheme called NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC).

Determining Your Eligibility

To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you need to demonstrate a 'primary health need.' The local Integrated Commissioning Boards (ICBs), which replace the erstwhile Clinical Commissioning Groups or CCGs, will apply the Decision Support Tool, taking into account details like nature, complexity, intensity and unpredictability of your needs. Find out more details on the healthcare at North East London Integrated Commissioning Board's webpage.

Applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare

The process for applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare typically starts with an initial screening. This involves using the Checklist Tool to gauge the severity of your needs, which if sufficiently high, leads to full assessment using the Decision Support Tool.

Exploring the Different Types of Home Care

NHS Continuing Healthcare covers the entire gamut of home care services in London be it live-in care, hourly care, or respite care. Find the most suitable type of care at the Types of Home Care Available in London on PrimeCarers.

Private Funding for Home Care

When government funding isn't applicable or sufficient, you may have to look at private funding for home care in London.

Self-Funding Your Care

In this scenario, you'll use your financial resources to cover the costs of your home care fully. Although it might sound intimidating, self-funding care is sometimes the most straightforward option, especially if council funding isn't available or the process is taking too long.

Evaluating your Care Cost

Before deciding to self-fund, it's important to understand the financial implications. You'll need to evaluate your needs, the level of care you require, and the local cost of home care, which you can find in the Cost of Home Care in London.

Procure a Suitable Home Care

Once decided, you can Find Home Care in London that fits your budget, or even identify the Best Home Carers in London to support you in your care journey.

In conclusion, securing funding for home care in London isn't necessarily straightforward. But with this guide, you're now familiar with the main sources of funding and how to access them. Whether it's through NHS Continuing Healthcare, council funding or by self-funding, understanding the nuances, steps, and processes will help you set up the home care you need, securing a better quality of life for you or your loved ones in London. For more, have a look at the complete guide to Home Care.

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