Cost of Home Care in Merseyside

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Cost of Home Care in Merseyside

The average cost of home care in Merseyside stands at approximately £16.80 per hour for basic hourly care and £147.00 per day for basic live-in care, based on the rates advertised by self-employed carers on the PrimeCarers platform.

Home Care in Merseyside
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Understanding the Costs

When considering home care in Merseyside, it's important to understand the costs associated with different types of care. The two main types of home care, hourly care and live-in care, have significant differences in cost structure.

Cost of Hourly Care in Merseyside

The average cost of basic hourly care in Merseyside stands at approximately £16.80 per hour. This form of care is ideal for individuals who need assistance with certain tasks throughout the day, but may not require round-the-clock care.

If a client requires specialised care such as assistance with stomas or catheters, the cost of hourly care can increase. The pricing is set by the carer and will depend on their skills, qualifications and experience, however, they are always fully vetted by PrimeCarers, including checks for an Enhanced DBS certificate, ID verification, and Right to Work status.

Cost of Live-in Care in Merseyside

For those who require continuous support, live-in care is another option. Such a service enables a carer to live with the client and provide constant care, whether it be personal care, companionship, or assistance with medication.

The average cost for basic live-in care in Merseyside on PrimeCarers platform is approximately £147.00 per day. The reason this cost is significantly higher than the hourly rate is because live-in care necessitates the time commitment of the carer who will live with the individual. They provide ongoing support throughout the day and night, bringing peace of mind to individuals and their families.

Just like with hourly care, the price of live-in care can vary based on the level of care needed, the skills required to provide the care, and the carer’s qualifications and experience.

Implications for couples

If the live-in carer is expected to care for more than one person, such as a couple, the care costs are likely to be higher. When caring for a couple, a live-in carer can expect to work an additional 2-4 hours per day. Therefore, whether a carer is happy to provide care for couples can also factor into the cost of live-in care.

Extra Features

Some carers may charge more if they offer additional features like driving or cooking skills. A driver's license and access to a vehicle add value as the carer can take the client for appointments, outings or errands. Cooking skills also carry importance, especially if the client has special dietary needs or simply enjoys home-cooked meals.

Final Thoughts

The cost of home care can vary greatly depending on the level of care required, the number of people needing care, and the unique skills or qualifications of the carers.

As you search for affordable home care in Merseyside, it's important to bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of cost. However, PrimeCarers platform can make this complex process more straightforward, offering you the ability to directly compare costs of qualified and vetted carers in Merseyside.

Choosing the appropriate care for oneself or a loved one is a significant decision not to be taken lightly. Considering the cost is a crucial component, but it's also important to factor in the specific care needs and the quality and reliability of care.

With PrimeCarers, finding the best home carers in Merseyside suited to your needs and budget becomes a simpler task, ensuring that the journey to home care is smoother and less stressful.

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