Best Home Carers in Omagh

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Best Home Carers in Omagh

Finding the best home carers in Omagh is easier than ever with PrimeCarers, a platform of vetted care providers ensuring safety and professionalism.

Home Care in Omagh
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Meeting Gboye

One carer that deserves special attention is Gboye O. Just one look at her!

Gboye prides herself on being trained in numerous areas of care for the elderly and vulnerable with a particular focus on dementia, acquired brain injuries, autism and learning disabilities.


Diverse Skills and Experience

Gboye displays her passion for care and the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals through her extensive training. Not only she has been trained in handling more specific challenges, but she also completed trainings in very important areas like life-support, mental health awareness, medication administration, and data protection - to name just a few.

“Gboye brings a level of care continuity we rarely see. She maintains a calm demeanor, is reliable, and thoroughly professional,” says one review of Gboye.

Commitment to Professional Development

There’s a care philosophy Gboye carries with her in her daily tasks. It’s not just about ticking boxes or adhering to a set of rules. It’s about practising care and patience while assisting with daily activities, personal care and feeding.

Let's take a deeper look at Gboye's qualifications:

Trained to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers can be incredibly painful and difficult to manage, that's why Gboye was trained specifically to prevent them and ensure the best possible comfort for the people she cares for.

Trained in Diabetes and Nutritional Awareness

Taking care of diabetic patient requires very specific knowledge and even though it's part of general care training, Gboye took an extra step and got specialised in this area as well. This includes understanding proper diabetic nutrition and diet, and particularly, awareness of allergens in various foods.

Trained in Life Support

Having a lifesaving skills is a must for every carer. Gboye is proficient in Basic Life Support, which means she can perform CPR and use an AED, which can ultimately save a patient's life.

Trained in Emotional and Mental Support

Gboye also provides emotional and mental support like end-of-life care, epilepsy awareness, and awareness of mental health and dementia. This enables her to take care of people with various mental diseases and conditions and ensure they get the best mental care possible.

The PrimeCarers Vetting Process

Gboye is among carers on PrimeCarers who are carefully vetted. As part of the PrimeCarers' process, requirements include an up-to-date Enhanced DBS certificate, ID checks, the right to work in the UK, and a professional interview to ensure carers are suitably qualified and experienced for the roles they apply for.

PrimeCarers believes in the value of one-to-one home care, helping individuals maintain their independence and dignity, while also providing necessary physical and emotional assistance when they need it.

Choosing the Right Carer

Choosing the right carer for you or your loved one is a very personal decision, and what makes one carer the "best" can vary greatly from person to person. From her profile alone, Gboye embodies the qualities of a skilled carer: patient, compassionate, and highly trained.

Whether you’re looking for short-term relief for a primary caregiver or long-term live-in care, Gboye and the other carers on PrimeCarers are standing by to provide the dedicated, personalised, in-home assistance you or your loved one deserves.

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Regardless if you are seeking the best home carer in Omagh for yourself or for a loved one, PrimeCarers is ready to assist in providing top-quality, personalised, in-home care. Offering a selection of thoroughly-vetted, highly-trained carers such as Gboye, PrimeCarers is dedicated to ensuring that those in need of assistance retain their independence and continue to live rich, meaningful lives.

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