Cost of Home Care in Swansea

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Cost of Home Care in Swansea

The cost of home care in Swansea averages at £16.49 per hour for basic care, increasing for specialised requirements, and £151.73 per day for live-in care.

Home Care in Swansea
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An Overview of Home Care Cost in Swansea

Understanding the true cost of home care in Swansea can be a complex process. Several factors contribute to pricing, such as the type of care needed and the qualifications of the carer. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down these costs, helping you understand what you might expect to pay.

Hourly Care Cost in Swansea

For basic home care needs, an hourly carer is a popular choice. This type of care involves a carer visiting your loved one's home for a specified number of hours each day. The service they offer may range from personal care, companionship, assistance with household tasks, medication reminders, or helping individuals to attend appointments.

The average hourly rate in the Swansea area sits at £16.49 per hour. However, it is essential to remember that this rate is an average, and prices can vary depending on the precise nature of care that your loved one requires.

If your loved one has unique needs, the costs may increase. Certain skills and experience, like having a driving license, owning a car, or having experience with specific medical procedures, such as handling stomas or catheters, can result in a higher hourly rate - this reflects the additional qualifications or utility that the carer brings. Similarly, if a carer excels in specific areas like cooking or is comfortable caring for couples, their hourly rate may be higher.

Live-in Care Cost in Swansea

For those with more intensive support needs, opting for a live-in carer may be an appropriate choice. Live-in care means a carer lives with your loved one, offering around-the-clock support. The main advantage of this setup is that it provides constant companionship and immediate assistance whenever necessary, allowing your loved one to stay at home even when their needs are high.

The average cost for live-in care in Swansea is £151.73 per day. However, this price can vary significantly depending on the level and complexity of care required. Just like with hourly care, if a live-in carer has particular skills or qualifications, or if they're managing care for a couple, the daily rate may rise.

A vital consideration with live-in care is that the hourly work undertaken by the carer varies greatly, depending on the nature of the support required. Typically, a live-in carer would expect to work an additional 2-4 hours per day when caring for a couple. However, this isn't factored into the daily rate as it is for hourly care, where all paid hours are working hours.

Additionally, in the few cases where overnight care is required, but not to the intensity of live-in care, this is usually charged at an hourly rate. Though it tends to be lower than standard hourly rates as there are opportunities for the carer to sleep during the night.

PrimeCarers - Making Home Care Simple

At PrimeCarers, we work to make the process of finding home care as simple and transparent as possible. All carers on our platform are self-employed, allowing them to set their own rates, which in turn enables us to provide care at a wide range of price points. The rates we have provided here form an average, giving a rough idea of what you might expect to pay.

We fully vet all carers that join our platform. This includes checks on their Enhanced DBS certificates, right to work, and identification. Additionally, we conduct a professional carer interview, ensuring that we only recommend highly competent, reliable individuals. With PrimeCarers, you can rest assured that you are entrusting your loved one's care to a professionally vetted and skilled carer.

To find out more about the types of home care available in Swansea, you can explore our guide Types of Home Care Available in Swansea. And, if you’re still wondering about whether live-in carers can look after couples, we have an article Can Live-in Carers Look After Couples?.


Understandably, navigating home care costs can feel daunting. However, it doesn't need to be complicated. By understanding the basics costs, you can make educated decisions about the best care options for your loved ones. At PrimeCarers, we strive to simplify this process by facilitating access to experienced, self-employed carers offering a variety of services suited to different budgets and circumstances. Whether you need basic hourly care or comprehensive live-in support, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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