Cost of Home Care in West Lothian

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Cost of Home Care in West Lothian

In West Lothian, the average cost of home care ranges from £17.61 per hour for basic hourly care and around £146.64 per day for live-in care according to the rates advertised on the PrimeCarers platform.

Home Care in West Lothian
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Different Forms of Home Care

Home care comes in various forms to meet diverse needs. One could opt for hourly care, overnight care, or even live-in care.

Hourly home care typically involves a carer helping out with specific tasks within certain set hours of the day. This could be anything from personal care tasks such as bathing and dressing, through to meal preparation, medication assistance, or providing companionship.

Overnight care is arranged for those who require support throughout the night. This might be necessary due to safety concerns, the need for regular medication, or assistance with using the toilet. While this form of care is also calculated on an hourly basis, the rate may be lower as there are intervals during which the carer can sleep.

Live-in care is the most comprehensive form of home care. As the term suggests, a live-in carer resides in the home of the person they are caring for, offering round-the-clock support. This form of care is ideal for those who need constant attention, for example older adults with severe dementia or individuals recovering from a serious illness.

Cost Variables in Home Care

The costs of home care in West Lothian can be subject to several factors. Important to note, all carers on the platform are self-employed thence they set their own prices.

Skillset and Experience

The kind of skills or experience a carer possesses can influence the overall cost of home care services. Special skills such as handling stomas or catheters can attract a higher cost. Other desirable characteristics such as having a driving license, owning a car, or possessing advanced cooking skills may also increase the cost.

Care for Couples

Another factor that can influence the cost of care is whether the carer is required to look after a couple. In cases of live-in care, a carer would typically work an additional 2-4 hours per day when caring for a couple. By comparison, with hourly care, the carer only works for the hours they are paid for, so there is no need to factor in extra hours.

For more information on this topic, you can read the article Can Live-in Carers Look After Couples?

Gauging the Average Costs of Home Care

Through PrimeCarers, prospective clients can get a gauge on the average costs of home care services in West Lothian. The platform allows self-employed carers to advertise their services and rates, which are vetted by PrimeCarers to ensure they reflect market rates and guarantee value for money.

As of now, the average prices advertised for basic live-in care is around £146.64 per day and for basic hourly care approximately £17.61 per hour. For those seeking a specific type of care, you can find a breakdown of the Cost of Live-in Care in West Lothian on our website.

To ensure peace of mind, all carers on the PrimeCarers platform have been rigorously vetted. This process includes obtaining Enhanced DBS certificates, confirming the carer's identity, verifying their Right to Work status, and conducting a professional carer interview. Thus, you can be assured of engaging a trusted and proficient professional.

In Conclusion

The cost of home care in West Lothian varies considerably based on the type of care required, the experience and skills of the carer, and whether care for one individual or a couple is required. By using PrimeCarers, you can find trusted, vetted care professionals whose cost suits your budget and whose skills match your needs. We are here to support you on your journey to find the best home care match for you or your loved one.

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