Funding Live-in Care in Bexley

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Funding Live-in Care in Bexley

Finding the right care solution can be a daunting task. The process tends to be complex, and questions surrounding funding can be a significant barrier to overcome. This article demystifies care funding details for those considering live-in care in Bexley and discusses the top sources of financing, including council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding.

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Council Funding - A Feasible Option

Council funding can be accessed through Bexley local authority, offering support based on financial and care needs.

While council funding is not guaranteed, if the person being cared for has assets less than £23,250 (as of 2021), they may qualify. This monetary threshold takes into account savings, investments, and property (however their home is not considered if a partner or dependent relative still lives there).

When discussing council funding, it's important to follow these steps:

  1. Get a care needs assessment from your local authority. This will determine the level of care required.

  2. Follow up with a means test. This financial assessment will decide your eligibility for council funding.

  3. If you qualify, a support plan will be developed. Here, you can indicate a preference for live-in care.

During this process, paying for interim care may be necessary. Council funding may be backdated following the approval of your application.

NHS Continuing Care - Comprehensive Cover

The NHS provides a fully-funded care package known as NHS continuing healthcare. To apply for this, the patient's need for ongoing care is assessed by South East London's Integrated Commissioning Board.

NHS continuing care is typically for those with significant healthcare needs. Each case is unique and assessed individually.

Here are the steps to take if you believe you, or your loved one, may be eligible for no-cost NHS continuing care:

  1. A Coughlan Test — This assesses physical, mental, and complex health needs.
  2. Prepare for the Decision Support Tool — this evaluation further assesses long-term and complex needs.
  3. Navigate the Appeal process if necessary.

Although it can be a lengthy process, securing NHS continuing healthcare provides significant financial aid.

Private Funding - A Flexible Alternative

If the individual does not qualify for either council or NHS aid, private funding becomes the primary option, or for those seeking better control and flexibility over care.

However, adequate planning is essential. Start by assessing personal savings, pensions, and equity available. Once you have an idea of what funds are available, compare this with the cost of live-in care in Bexley.

Investigate annuity schemes and equity release options – these can prove to be beneficial. Consulting with a financial adviser, especially one specialised in care funding, is highly recommended.

Here's how to begin:

  1. Understand the cost - Use online resources, consultancies, and directly contact care providers for details.

  2. Evaluate your finance – Establish a clear picture of personal wealth and potential avenues of funding.

  3. Seek professional help – Use care funding financial advisors or solicitors.

Additional Avenues - Explore Every Opportunity

Beyond council, NHS, and private funding, several other funding resources can provide additional financial support.

  1. Benefits: State benefits such as Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance, or the Disability Living Allowance can provide extra income to help cover care costs.
  2. Charities: Some charities offer grants and funding schemes for people needing care. Do some research to find out which may apply to your situation.
  3. Insurance: Certain types of insurance can provide funds for care in later life. For example, pre-existing life insurance policies may allow for an early payout in cases of chronic or terminal illness.

How PrimeCarers Can Help

Remember, navigating care funding can be a complex process. Don't face the challenges alone; reach out to experts who can guide you. PrimeCarers offers personalised advice to help find the best live-in carers in Bexley.

The process of funding live-in care does not have to be overwhelming. Through this guide and with further help, you can find the solution that ensures both peace of mind and the best quality of care for you or your loved ones in Bexley.

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