Funding Live-in Care in Bournemouth

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Funding Live-in Care in Bournemouth

Securing the right care for our loved ones can be a considerable responsibility. If you are in the Bournemouth area and are trying to figure out the best way to fund live-in care, rest assured, there are various options available. This extensive guide aims to help you decode the complexities that come with financing live-in care, covering council funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare, and private funding.

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Council Funding for Live-in Care in Bournemouth

If your loved one has been assessed as needing care, they may be eligible for funding from the Bournemouth local authority (the BCP Council)[^1^].

This type of funding involves a two-part assessment process. First, there's a needs assessment which checks whether the person in question indeed needs assistance with their daily tasks and activities. This is then followed by a financial assessment which examines the person's financial status, including income, savings and assets.

If the individual's assets (not including their home value) are under £23,250, they can expect to qualify for some help, although those with savings between £14,250 and £23,250 will still be expected to contribute towards their care.

To begin the funding process with Bournemouth local authority, you can visit their website. Be prepared to provide comprehensive financial information when applying for council funding.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

For some individuals who have a primary health need, the NHS Dorset Integrated Commissioning Board (ICB) may offer funding via the NHS Continuing Healthcare scheme[^2^]. This is a package of care that is arranged and funded solely by the health service, meaning the care recipient does not have to pay anything.

To be considered eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, a Checklist assessment will first be conducted by a health or social care professional. This assessment analyses the nature, intensity, complexity, and unpredictability of a person's care needs, not their diagnosis or condition. If they meet the criteria, they will then be forwarded for a full assessment carried out by a multi-disciplinary team.

You can access further information about this process on the Dorset ICB website.

Private Funding for Live-in Care

Private funding is another option for financing live-in care. Whether your loved one's individual assets go beyond the council's threshold or they would simply prefer to have more control and flexibility over their care arrangements, private funding can be a suitable alternative[^3^].

With private funding, there's a much wider choice of care providers. Options could range from hiring a private live-in carer or enlisting the services of a reputable care agency.

When considering private funding, it is critical to get a clear idea of the overall costs of live-in care, which vary greatly depending on an individual's needs and preferred choice of care. To get a precise picture of what private live-in care in Bournemouth may cost, refer to our detailed guide on the cost of live-in care in Bournemouth.

Planning and funding a live-in care journey can be financially challenging, so professional financial advice might be beneficial.

Selecting a Live-in Care Provider in Bournemouth

Once the funding has been secured, the next step is to find the right live-in care provider in Bournemouth. At PrimeCarers, we connect individuals with qualified and experienced carers that suit their care needs, ensuring their dignity and independence are prioritised.

Choosing a care provider involves many factors like cost, experience, and skills that meet your loved one's needs. We offer a robust selection of the best live-in carers in Bournemouth, enabling you to make an informed choice.


Confidently navigating the care funding landscape requires a bit of effort, but it's entirely attainable. By exploring and understanding these three financial routes - council funding, the NHS Continuing Healthcare, and private funding, you'd be well-equipped to forge a clear path through the live-in care funding journey in Bournemouth. After all, your loved one deserves no less than the best care - coupled with the peace of mind that comes with a well-secured funding plan.

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