Funding Live-in Care in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Funding Live-in Care in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Whether you're exploring the idea of live-in care for a loved one, or needing more assistance yourself, figuring out how to fund it is often the most challenging part. From council funding, NHS continuing care to private funding, this article dives into the different types of funding for live-in care available in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Live-in Care in East Riding of Yorkshire
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An Introduction to Funding Options

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, there are three primary sources to fund live-in care. They are:

  • Council funding,
  • NHS continuing care, and
  • Private funding.

Each of these funding types work in distinct ways, and it's crucial to understand the necessary first steps to explore these potential avenues promptly and seamlessly.

Council Funding

Council funding, offered by the East Riding of Yorkshire local authority, is one route to subsidising live-in care. A crucial first step is completing a Care Needs Assessment which the council uses to determine an individual's needs and the appropriate level of care.

If the council deems the individual eligible for funding, the council will outline a budget for care. The amount the council contributes will depend on an evaluation of the individual's income and savings, encapsulated in a Financial Assessment.

It's essential for people applying for council funding to be aware that the council calculates funding based on 'means-tested' benefits. This approach means that individuals with assets (including property) over £23,250 may not qualify for council support.

Visit the East Riding of Yorkshire's Local Authority website to learn more about council-based funding, eligibility and the application process.

NHS Continuing Care

For some people, health primarily drives their need for care. Individuals with significant ongoing health concerns may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, now overseen by the Humber, Coast and Vale Integrated Commissioning Board (ICB) website.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care arranged and funded wholly by the NHS. Unlike council-based funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare is not dependent on means-testing or the location of the care (in the home or a care facility).

To secure NHS Continuing Healthcare, you'll need to undergo assessment to establish eligibility. The assessment process involves a Checklist Assessment, followed by a more detailed Full Assessment by a multi-disciplinary team if the individual passes the initial checklist. Additionally, fast-track assessment is available for those whose health is deteriorating rapidly and have an immediate need for care.

Visit the Humber, Coast and Vale Integrated Commissioning Board's website for more information about the NHS Continuing Healthcare, including a more detailed overview of the assessment process.

Private Funding

Private funding is often the route individuals choose when they don’t qualify for council or NHS funding. Alongside personal savings and lower-cost care options, individuals who own their property might also consider releasing equity from their home or renting out a portion of it.

Furthermore, long-term care insurance or immediate needs annuities are potential options. However, these needs careful consideration and often professional advice to ensure suitability.

To understand the costs involved with self-funding live-in care in East Riding of Yorkshire, this guide breaks down the associated costs in-depth.


And there you have it, an overview of how to fund live-in care, specifically pertinent to those living in East Riding of Yorkshire. The journey to secure appropriate care can seem daunting, filled with processes and procedures that might confuse at first glance. But acquiring the knowledge of these routes to funding hopefully makes the journey less daunting.

When considering your options, remember that each funding source varies drastically in its qualifying criteria, and it's essential to explore which funding option suits your circumstance best. Whether that’s browsing self-funding options, or finding more about the best live-in carers in East Riding of Yorkshire, undertaking due diligence is key to finding suitable care that meets your financial circumstances.

Don’t forget, all types of care and financial support are there to ensure that you, or your loved one, receive the support you need to live as peacefully and as comfortably as possible.

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