Funding Live-in Care in Halton

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Funding Live-in Care in Halton

Identifying a suitable care plan for loved ones in their old age is challenging. Equally tricky is understanding how to fund the chosen strategy, especially for Live-in care in Halton. Despite the seeming complexity, many sources can help you cover these costs. They include Local Authority funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare, and private funding. This article provides an in-depth look at each funding source and how to get started.

Live-in Care in Halton
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Local Authority Funding

How It Works

In most cases, local authorities may help you fund live-in care for your loved ones. Halton is no different. The local authority uses a Care Act-defined process to determine your eligibility for funding. The process commences with a Care Needs Assessment, followed by the Financial Assessment.

During the Care Needs Assessment, the local authority determines the level of help needed by assessing the person's physical, mental, and emotional state. If the individual qualifies for Care and Support, the local authority progresses to the Financial Assessment.

The Financial Assessment involves evaluating the resources at the individual's disposal, including income, savings, and property. Currently, if a person's savings and assets are above £23,250, they will be required to self-fund their social care.

Subsequently, if eligible, the local authority offers an Adult Social Care personal budget, which intends to afford individuals more control over their care types and providers.

How to Apply

Follow this link to the Halton Local Authority website to apply for the 'Care and Support you need'. It will initiate the Care Needs Assessment, and hopefully, eligibility for an Adult Social Care personal budget.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

How It Works

The NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care that some people are entitled to receive as a result of disability, accident, or illness. It is organized and funded by the NHS, meaning there is no cost to the individual.

Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare does not depend on specific conditions or illnesses. Instead, it's based on whether the individual has a significant, ongoing healthcare need. Therefore, it's not rare for elderly people needing long-term care to qualify. Furthermore, the NHS Continuing Healthcare package can cover live-in care costs.

How to Apply

Begin by arranging a Care Needs Assessment with a nurse or social care staff member (usually from the local GP surgery or social services). Post the Care Needs Assessment, if eligible, a further assessment will be conducted using the Continuing Healthcare Checklist.

Following the NHS's restructuring of their Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) into Integrated Commissioning Boards (ICBs), these ICBs will evaluate the patient's need for ongoing care. For detailed information, the Cheshire and Merseyside integrated commissioning board's NHS continuing healthcare website contains more on this.

Private Funding

How It Works

Private funding offers a method of self-funding for those who can afford it or for those who end up disqualified from the local authority or NHS funding. Deciding to use private funding means taking control of your care, choice of service, and when these services are delivered.

Despite the sheer cost of this funding option, it’s a workable solution for flexibility and personal choice. Consider this alternative when you want to maintain control over the care received and the carers enlisted.

How to Apply

Engaging private funding does not necessitate a standardised application process as with Local Authority or NHS funding. The process simply involves selecting a suitable care provider and arranging the payment terms. Use this link to find Live-in Care in Halton.

Also, check out the Cost of Live-in Care in Halton to enable you to plan and budget adequately.

In Conclusion

The prospect of finding and funding live-in care in Halton may sound daunting. Yet, with understanding and guidance, it's easier to navigate through the options available. Whether that's through Local Authority Funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare, or Private funding, knowledge of these paths can help you select the most fitting source.

For a closer look at these financing options, visit the Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare, Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding, or the Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care.

Live-in care in Halton doesn’t need to be stressful or financially draining, especially when you have the means and guidance to access the best care funding options.

Remember, choosing the right care funding option is essential to ensuring the care received is not only comfortable but sustainable. Investing some time to comprehend these options is hence nothing but crucial.

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