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Funding Live-in Care in Hounslow

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When your loved one starts requiring support or care, living with them may seem like the best form of assistance. However, handling care needs at home can be an overwhelming challenge without professional assistance. Hence, live-in care, which offers round-the-clock presence, has grown in popularity. However, funding this can be a significant hurdle for many families. But there are numerous resources available to help finance it, including council funding, NHS continuing care, and private funding. This article aims to delve into these various funding types, how they work, and what initial steps you should take if you are in the borough of Hounslow.

Live-in Care in Hounslow
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Council Funding for Home Care

Council funding can be an essential recourse for those needing assistance with live-in care costs. It is based on a financial assessment, also known as a means test, designed to take a detailed look at income, savings, and other assets to determine eligibility for help.

First off, understand whether your loved one qualifies for council funding. Their personal savings and assets will be considered in the evaluation, but there are exceptions, such as the value of their home if a spouse or dependent is still living in it.

To get this process started in Hounslow, contact the local authority through their website, providing essential information regarding your loved one's financial circumstances and their care needs. Following this, there'll be a consultation to assess whether the person requiring care is eligible for funding.

Should you qualify, the Hounslow council can opt to pay directly for the care, provide a personal budget for you to buy your care, or offer a combination of both. You may also check our Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding for other specifics of this funding type.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) is a scheme targeted at people with long-term, complex health needs. In these cases, funding comes directly from the NHS, paying 100% of the care costs if the patient is eligible. It's a pot free from the constraints of the local council means test.

To start the CHC process, a thorough assessment of the patient's care needs is done by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals. It's worthy to note that it's not based on the kind of care needed but on their care complexity and intensity. You can acquire further details on the NHS continuing healthcare at NHS North West London integrated commissioning board’s website.

There are two stages to the assessment; the initial checklist assessment, which acts as a screening process, and the full assessment if the checklist identifies that you might be eligible. If you're interested, you can access our Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Private Funding

If the person needing care does not qualify for council or NHS funding, they'll have to tackle live-in care costs privately, also known as self-funding. This could involve various options, such as releasing equity from a home, relying on personal savings, or getting help from family members. It's essential to keep in mind that the precise cost of senior live-in care varies due to factors such as location and individual care requirements. You may check the Cost of Live-in Care in Hounslow.

You can get guidance and advice as a self-funder, to understand each funding option and how they can best be explored. The Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care could act as a significant tool in making informed decisions.

Seeking Care in Hounslow

Whether you're relying on council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, or self-funding the care, you would want to ensure you're getting the best care for your loved ones. A helping hand around the home, companionship, or personal care - whatever the need is, finding the right Live-in Care in Hounslow is instrumental.

Choosing a live-in carer is an extremely personal decision. Yet, thankfully, top-quality carers are available in Hounslow. To discover them, see our guide on the Best Live-in Carers in Hounslow.


Funding live-in care may seem daunting, but armed with the necessary knowledge offered in this article and the right guidance and resources, the process becomes manageable. Analysing the available options and choosing the most suitable one for your individual requirements ensures that your loved ones receive the care they deserve, without compromising on their independence or daily routines. By anticipating costs, understanding funding resources, you can ensure peace of mind and a secure future in the comfort of your own home.

Always remember that while live-in care is a significant investment, it is also a commitment to your loved one's happiness, comfort, and ultimate well-being.

Prime Carers offers a personalised solution to finding and managing self-employed carers, removing the need for care agencies and allowing families to deal directly and lovingly with those handling the care of their loved ones. Find out more about our live-in care service and how we can help you navigate the world of live-in care.

Finding the right carer can make all the difference. And remember, you're not alone. We're here to provide the help and support that you need.

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