Funding Live-in Care in Kingston upon Thames

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Funding Live-in Care in Kingston upon Thames

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Securing appropriate funding for live-in care can be a daunting prospect for many. In Kingston upon Thames, a variety of options are available to help you cover the cost. This article aims to guide you through the different avenues of funding available, including council funding, the NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding.

Live-in Care in Kingston upon Thames
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Council Funding

The first port of call when considering care funding options is usually the local authority. The Kingston upon Thames local authority could provide financial support for your live-in care. But how does this kind of funding work, and how can you apply?

When you approach Kingston Council (the local authority), you will need to undertake a care needs assessment. This examination determines the level and type of care you need. Depending on your needs, you may receive a personal budget, which you can use to fund the live-in care. However, the personal budget allocation hinges on a means-test that assesses your financial situation.

In Kingston upon Thames, if your capital is over £23,250, you are likely to bear the full cost of your care. If your capital is between £14,250 and £23,250, the council will fund part of your care. Below £14,250, and the council could cover all your care costs. However, your income is also a factor in these calculations. You can learn more about this on Kingston Council's website.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a fully funded care package provided by the NHS for those with long-term, complex health needs. If your primary need for care is health-based rather than social, you might be eligible for this funding.

To qualify, you'll first need a checklist assessment, usually carried out by a nurse or social worker. Those who qualify based on the checklist will undergo a more thorough assessment. This appraisal focuses on 12 care domains, including mobility, behaviour, and cognition, among others.

The South West London Integrated Commissioning Board provides further details on NHS Continuing Healthcare. It is worth mentioning that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) no longer exist and have been replaced by Integrated Commissioning Boards (ICBs). These ICBs assess a patient's need for ongoing care.

Private Funding

Should you not qualify for local authority or NHS funding, or prefer more choice and control over your care, you might consider self-funding. These can be financed through personal savings, pensions, equity release schemes, or long-term care insurance.

Private funding gives you greater flexibility and choice regarding your care provider and the specifics of your care. However, with the average cost of live-in care being significant, it's crucial to have a detailed financial plan in place.

While this may allow for more autonomy, it's essential to reach out to financial advisors specialising in care funding to ensure this is the best route for you. Our Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care provides comprehensive information on this topic.

Choosing The Right Care

Financial considerations, although essential, shouldn't overtake the importance of high-quality care suited to your needs. Seek to find the best live-in carers in Kingston upon Thames to guarantee an optimal care experience.

Whether funded by the council, the NHS, or privately, your live-in care should promote independence, dignity, and comfort. Whatever your financial situation, your support should be compassionate and personalised.

Remember, help is always available. Turn to trusted social workers, financial advisors, or care providers for guidance and support throughout your journey. Take your first step towards arranging your live-in care in Kingston upon Thames and find peace knowing that you're making an informed choice about your wellbeing.

Navigating the care system can be confusing and stressful, but you're not alone. With the right information and support, you can identify the best funding options to secure high-quality and compassionate live-in care.

Remember, getting to grips with funding won't happen overnight. But the destination—the assurance of high-quality live-in care—makes the journey worthwhile.

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