Funding Live-in Care in Leicestershire

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Funding Live-in Care in Leicestershire

Caring for a loved one can be challenging, especially from both an emotional and financial standpoint. Fortunately, there are several options available for funding live-in care in Leicestershire which we will explore in detail.

Live-in Care in Leicestershire
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Local Authority Funding

Often, the first port of call when seeking assistance in funding live-in care is through local authority funding. In Leicestershire, the local authority may be able to provide financial aid to help manage the costs of live-in care, and you can find more information directly via the Leicestershire Government website.

Qualification depends on three key factors: the individual's level of need, their financial situation, and the availability of services. It's worth remembering, eligibility criteria may vary between local councils.

The first step involves a needs assessment conducted by the local authority. This step gauges the support level required, and following this, a means test is assessed to determine how much the individual can afford to contribute to their care.

Those who have assets less than £23,250 (excluding the worth of the house if the partner is living there) are normally eligible for some level of funding. If accepted, the local authority will provide a personal budget and a care and support plan tailored to specific needs.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is another option, designed for those with long term, significant health issues. Importantly, this funding is not means-tested – eligibility is based solely off the individual's health needs.

The first step towards applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare involves a screening process using the "Checklist Tool". If the screening indicates the individual may be eligible, a full assessment is scheduled via the local NHS Continuing Healthcare team, which in the case of Leicestershire is managed by the Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Integrated Commissioning Board and details can be found here.

ICBs have replaced Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and now perform assessments for ongoing care requirements. If eligible, the person will receive a Personal Health Budget used to cover care costs, which can include live-in care. For a comprehensive guide on NHS Continuing Healthcare, please see our Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Private Funding or Self-funding

In situations where state support is not forthcoming, or there's a desire for more control over provided care, private funding or self-funding is considered. The costs of care can vary significantly based on specific needs, the carer's expertise level, and location. To learn more about live-in care costs in Leicestershire, check our page here.

Self-funding provides the option of arranging care privately. This involves working out a payment plan directly with the care provider or through a managed live-in care service. You can find out more about private live-in care in Leicestershire here. Self-funding provides greater flexibility and choice when it comes to the care one receives.

Equally, it's worth considering seeking professional advice regarding the liquidation of assets or benefits from pensions to meet care costs. Our Complete Guide to Self Funding Care provides further insight.

Choosing the Right Live-in Carer

Regardless of the funding source, your loved one's well-being is connected to the quality of their carer. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure you choose the best. Click here for more information on the best live-in carers in Leicestershire.


There're several ways one can fund live-in care in Leicestershire, from local authority funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare to private or self-funding options. Each avenue has its own benefits and key considerations, so it's essential to find the option that suits individual circumstances and care requirements. By understanding these financing methods, securing quality live-in care becomes a feasible reality rather than an overwhelming concern.

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