Funding Live-in Care in Lewisham

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Funding Live-in Care in Lewisham

Live-in care is a fantastic solution for those who wish to continue living at home but need support with day-to-day tasks. Choosing the right care can make a world of difference, and in Lewisham, there are plenty of options. However, along with making the right choice comes the inevitable concern about costs. This comprehensive article will guide you through various ways to fund live-in care in Lewisham, including council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding.

Live-in Care in Lewisham
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Understanding Live-In Care in Lewisham

Before figuring out how to finance live-in care, it's crucial to understand what it involves. Live-in care refers to a professional caregiver living in the home of the person needing assistance, providing support round-the-clock. You can find out more about live-in care cost in Lewisham here and when you start your search for care, visit this link for best options of live-in carers in Lewisham.

Council Funding in Lewisham

Funding live-in care can often entail additional assistance from the Lewisham local authority. Known as local authority funding, this option is given depending on the needs of the individual and their financial situation. You can find all pertinent information on their website here.

How Does Council Funding Work?

The Lewisham local authority will conduct an assessment, first to determine the level of care you need, and then to ascertain your financial status. This assessment is called a ‘care needs assessment’ and a ‘means test’. If your needs assessment shows that you require social care home services and your capital, (which includes savings, investments, and property) is below £23,250, the local authority may contribute to the fees.

Where Do I Start?

Your first step is to contact the Lewisham local authority to arrange for a care needs assessment and the means test. It is good to gather relevant financial documents, like bank statements, so you can paint an accurate picture of your financial circumstances during the assessment. You may want to have a thorough look at The Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding before you start this process.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing healthcare is a comprehensive and fully funded care package that the NHS provides. It is arranged and funded by regional clinical commissioning groups, now replaced by Integrated Commissioning Boards. You can find further details on the South East London’s NHS continuing healthcare here

How Does NHS Continuing Healthcare Work?

NHS Continuing Healthcare is not means-tested, unlike local authority funding. The eligibility for this type of funding revolves around an individual’s health and the level of care they need, rather than their finances. If you qualify for this funding, you could receive a range of services, from healthcare to social care.

Where Do I Start?

To apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you first need to undergo an initial assessment, followed by a more thorough assessment if you are found likely to be eligible. To start this, you can speak to your doctor, nurse, or social worker and express your interest. The Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare provides a detailed insight into the whole process.

Private Funding

Indeed, not everyone will qualify for local authority or NHS funding. If, after assessments, it is determined that you aren’t eligible, or if you don’t wish to go through the process, you might resort to funding your own care—a route known as self-funding.

How Does Private Funding Work?

In private funding or self-funding, the individual, or their family, meets the full cost of live-in care. These costs could be sourced from personal savings, selling property, investment returns, annuities, or long-term care insurance.

Where Do I Start?

If you're considering private funding, it's wise to seek advice from a financial adviser who is familiar with care funding matters. You can also get an idea about costs involved, how to plan and manage these, and considerations for the future from the Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care


Care decisions are never easy, especially when the worry of financing comes into the picture. Whether you seek council funding, NHS continuing care, or plan to privately fund, there are options available for you in Lewisham. It's essential always to approach the situation with as much information as possible. Start by exploring the specific live-in care services offered in Lewisham. With thoughtful planning and relevant support, you can secure the quality of live-in care you or your loved one needs and deserves.

Remember, help is out there to guide you through this process. Reach out, ask questions, and don't feel you have to navigate funding and care selection alone.

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